Aloha: The Story Of a Lost Man On a Comeback Trail


The first thought that comes to mind at the mention of director Cameron Crowe is the sense of excitement and exuberance that his movies create. Sadly, his latest flick Aloha, lacks a sense of emotional resonance, making the movie somewhat lifeless and confusing.

Rank: 2 star
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin
Director: Cameron Crowe
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy

Aloha Movie Trailer

Plot: Brian Gilcrest played by Bradley Cooper, is a military contractor who gets a second chance in life and profession when the ostentatious billionaire played by Bill Murray employs him. Brian’s job is to convince the local tribesmen in Hawaii to help Murray launch a satellite in the orbit. However, life comes a full circle when Brian meets his ex-girlfriend Tracy, along with her new boyfriend played by Rachel McAdams and John Krasinski respectively, at the airport. What’s more, Brain is stuck with a talkative fighter pilot Allison Ng played by Emma Stone, who is there to monitor Brian’s activities.

Critic’s Review: The movie mostly received negative reviews from the critics giving it an average grade of “B-“. The film features a whole lot of over tried formulas, wasted leads and predictable scenarios that combine with the overdose of empathy to fill the move with hollowness.

Cast and Direction: The film is produced by Cameron Crowe in association with Scott Rudin. As the writer and director of the movie, Cameron Crowe has just not just been able to create a film that can stand on its own. The cast of the movie also lacks the right chemistry, even though Emma Stone has given a really good performance.

Why will you watch: The most prominent aspect of this movie is the mesmerizing beauty of Hawaii that has been captured by Crowe in an amazing manner. The other obviously is Emma Stone, who looks spiffy in her military uniform.

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