Annabelle Creation Movie

Annabelle: Creation: Must watch prequel to the Annabelle movie

Its horror time and this time, we’re taken back to the creation of the demonic doll and its introduction to The Conjuring. The movie has everything that looks spooky. There is a remote dwelling fit for evil spirits to reside; children in need; a creepy doll under the influence of a demon force; religious figures calming children; Bible recitation and a forbidden room. It is the sincerity of the characters and execution of Sandberg that prevented the movie from becoming an emotionally vacant and downright silly.


It is 1950 and the dollmaker Samuel Mullins and his wife Esther are preparing to allow Sister Charlotte, a nun, and her orphan kids to enter their home. The kids have lost their orphanage home and they have nowhere to go. The dollmaker and his wife decide to help the nun and the kids by letting them inside their closed home. The home has been closed since long time after death of their only daughter. Her name was Bee and she was only seven years old when she died in a tragic car accident. The children moved to the closed home but soon they find it already a home to a demon.

The home

Since it’s a horror story, the home possessed by demon spirit must look spooky but it doesn’t. It wears a deserted look but doesn’t look haunted from outside. But Sandberg is successful in giving the home a haunted look from inside. Also he introduced a handicap child and created chilling scenes when showing the especially able child escaping the perilous situations.

The cast

Sandberg understands value of real estate in creating horror scenes but the scenes become live only with the energetic stars. The team of talented youngsters including Bateman and Lulu Wilsoncreates real horror. Bateman is a polio stricken child in the movie and her name is Janice. Together the director and the stars are able to make the movie look real.

Annabelle: Creation First Look & Poster

Simply put it is awe inspiring. The poster looks more like cover page of a horror story. There is a remote home and a big tree and a well. There is a girl standing with a lamp in her hand close to the well. The poster wears a deserted look. The night sky partially covered with clouds and the moon shedding its light over the home and the girl makes it more horrific.

Why watch the movie?

Today horror is entertainment. There are many movies made on horror andif you like horror then this movie is for you. Also if you are watching The Conjuring film series then you won’t want to miss the movie. It is good movie to be watched with family.

Directed – David F. Sandberg
Produced – Peter Safran, James Wan
Starring – Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Bateman, Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto

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