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Lion Air crash: Boeing 737 plane crashes in sea off Jakarta

An Indonesian airliner has crashed into the sea with 189 people on board.

The Boeing 737, owned by the low-cost airline Lion Air, went down after taking off from the capital Jakarta.

Flight JT 610 was headed for the western city of Pangkal Pinang. Rescuers have recovered some bodies and personal items, including baby shoes.

There is no sign of survivors. The cause of the crash, which involved a plane that had been in operation since August, remains unclear.

The incident is reported to be the first major accident involving a Boeing 737 Max – an updated version of the 737.

“We need to find the main wreckage,” said Bambang Suryo, operational director of the search and rescue agency. “I predict there are no survivors, based on body parts found so far.”

Rescuer workers recovered debris from the crash siteBelongings – including a handbag – and debris are being recovered from the suspected crash site

Families are being told to go to a hospital to identify the dead.

What happened?

Flight JT 610 took off from Jakarta at 06:20 on Monday (23:30 GMT on Sunday).

It was due to arrive at Depati Amir airport in Pangkal Pinang an hour later but 13 minutes into the flight, authorities … Find More


Kaala Movie

Kaala Movie Rajinikanth Swag & The Dark Mode

The rage encompassing Kaala, the enormous arrival of Rajinikanth, is nothing short than marvelous and the motion picture, which by all methods is the motion picture of the month, has made it to the theaters today (June 07, 2018). Kaala, coordinated by Pa Ranjith is relied upon to be something unique and the groups of onlookers expect nothing not as much as a satisfying background.

The narrative of Kaala is set against the background of the ghettos of Dharavi in Mumbai. Kaala is the King Of Dharavi, with the Tamil transients out there admiring him. Things do take a turn when a lawmaker endeavors to evacuate the ghetto for the sake of advancement. How Kaala manages this has been described in Kaala.

Rajinikanth As Kaala

It is dependably an uncommon euphoria to see the performing artist in Rajinikanth take the front seat. In Kaala, we get the chance to witness this by and by with the film offering umpteen number of minutes to exhibit his uncommon acting aptitudes. The passionate groupings in the second half are a declaration of that. In the meantime, the star in him doesn’t frustrate either with the activity groupings and mass successions. Rajinikanth swag is one among greatest attractions here also.… Find More