Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion Movie

Baahubali 2 Movie- The Conclusion: It is the start of new genre of cinema that dilutes linguistic barriers

Star rating : 4/5

The first thing that viewers want to know about Baahubali 2 movie: The Conclusion the reason “Why Katappa killed Baahubali”. But it was revealed long before the release of the movie that Amrendra Baahubali was killed on the orders of Bhalla Deva. Katappa was forced to obey the orders of his king Bhalla Deva.

Story behind killing of Baahubali

Amrendra Baahubali and Bhalla Deva are both cousins but Baahubali is more able. He is made king due to his qualities but soon has to leave the kingship and kingdom for her love and to obey her mother. His exit opens way for Bhalla Deva to become king. But soon the Mahishpati Kingdom needs Baahubali when son of Kalkeya attacks the kingdom. Baahubali comes back as a savior and saves the kingdom but loses his life. Bhalla Deva orders Katappa to kill Baahubali for fear of losing the throne.

South Indian movie rocks North India

It is the first time that a South Indian star has become a hit among the North Indian public that supports only Khan-Stars. Prabhas now enjoys a pan-India presence that even the Khans can’t claim. People waited for two years to know the full story of Katappa and Baahubali and they greeted their favorite star with big hands when Baahubali entered on the screen. There are only a few South Stars that are able to get recognition in North and Prabhas is one of them.

Audiences enjoyed every moment

It is 171 minutes movie and the audience didn’t miss a single second as every second of the movie is precious to them. The amalgamation of story and technology made a deadly-cocktail for audiences who watched all the action without blinking their eyes. The movie has all the masala from comedy to tragedy and from action to drama needed to make a movie hit.

Touching scenes

Eyes are welled with tears on seeing Katappa killing his nephew Baahubali. He is stabbed at the back and he knew that it was Katappa. Baahubali dies smiling. But long before death, Baahubali was ousted by his mother for marrying out of her orders. Some scenes are awe inspiring like Baahubali climbing up on the tusk of an elephant and the full royal dress of Devasena. It is a movie that can challenge any Hollywood movie.

What next?

Since the story of Baahubali is concluded, now no more sequels but audience certainly want to see Prabhas in more movies. We can expect more South movies making their way to North or Prabhas accepting a big ticket offer in Bollywood. And don’t be surprised, if you see S.S. Rajamouli entering into Bollywood to make another movie of the size and budget of Baahubali.

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