Baazaar Movie Review

Baazaar: Its Saif Ali Khan again and this time he’s confident to make his mark at box-office

The upcoming Saif Ali Khan starrer Baazaar is one of the few movies inspired by Bombay Stock Exchange. The stock market is all about money and so is the movie. And like stock market, box office collection is also difficult to predict. But Saif has high hopes from this movie as the 2017 Rangoon wasn’t good at box office. But Saif’s character in the movie and performance was praised equally by critics and fans.

Saif in Baazaar 

Saif Ali Khan is back with a bang. His new movie Baazaar directed by Gauravv K. Chawla will portray a different look of the superstar. This time, he’s playing with real money in the stock market. And a mature Saif looks perfect to put on the business suit of a power shark in Bombay Stock Exchange. But his role isn’t of a newcomer in stock market but of an old mind waiting for right time to strike and rake up millions.

Inspiration of the movie 

Bombay Stock Exchange is the real inspiration behind the movie but rumors are that it is inspired by the 2013 film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street”. This movie was a black comedy but the Baazaar is a crime thriller. Money attracts power and criminal minds try abusing money with power. Those with money need power and those with power need money. Baazaar is the story of dhandho and vyaapar and not business that looks legitimate.

The cliche

“Yahan paisa Bhagwaan nahi, par Bhagwaan se kam bhi nahi”

The slogan is printed on the poster and it reveals many things about the movie. Saif Ali Khan is Nawaab in the movie and the Nawaab has a family. Nawaab has a sister take care of and he’s a bodyguard for personal security from enemies. Denzil Smith is taken against Saif Ali Khan.

What to expect in the movie? 

The character of Nawaab has a political touch since he belongs to a princely state. The multi-millionaire Nawaab takes interest in stock market and gets entangledin the money war between the corporate and those in power. It’s a bloody mess of money and power. Baazaar would be a movie cocktail of political and economic power. But it shouldn’t be an overdose.

Baazaar First Look & Poster 

baazar movie review

Saif Ali Khan seems to be ruling the poster. A mustached Khan looks dominant in business suit and the city skyline in the backdrop highlights his presence in the market. In poster, the movie name Baazaar has rupee symbol in the place of “R”. Also, the cliché is written on the middle of the right half of the poster. The presence of rupee symbol gives the poster economic theme.

Why watch the movie? 

Saif Ali Khan fans would be eager to see their favorite start in a business suit. The real Nawaab is playing reel Nawaab in the movie and it is needless to say that he fits into the shoes of the character Nawaab. Another attraction of the movie is its theme that is based on stock market.

Movie Trailer:


  • Rohan Mehra son of late Vinod Mehra debuting with this movie
  • Dr Mukesh Hariawala was included because of his salt and pepper hair

More Details:

Release Date: 27 April
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Rohan Mehra, Chitrangda Singh
Director: Gauravv K Chawla



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