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Bairavaa: The action-packet romantic-thriller is a big entertainment gift on Pongal

Vijay starrer Bairavaa is set to hit silver screen on Pongal and it won’t be a miss as there are many reasons for movie buffs to throng the multiplexes. Vijay himself is the King of Entertainment and Bairavaa has all the big names of Tamil movie industry in its star cast.

The movie stars Vijay and Keerthy Suresh in lead roles and the supporting cast are Satish, Jagapathi Babu, Daniel Balaji, Mime Gopi, Sreeman and Sija Rose. A quick go through the storyline is sufficient to understand why a strong star cast was needed for the movie. It is a story of a young and energetic young man Bairavaa (Vijay) taking up the fight for his love Malarvizhi (Keerthy Suresh). Malarvizhi is fighting for justice. She represents the middle class medial students aspiring to become doctors but their dreams are shattered by a corrupt man, who misled the students and their parents to amass wealth. Punch dialogues and forceful delivery of the dialogues and racy action scenes further add value to the movie.

There is an interesting story about Biaravaa. The movie started in with the title Vijay 60 but later changed to Bairavaa for no visible reasons. This change of title could be related to focus as Vijay 60 seems a one-man-show. But it is just a speculation. Since Vijay delivered success in 2016 blockbuster Theri, the producers might have thought to dedicate the movie to Vijay.

Music of the movie has already become a hit hence another reason for watching the movie. Bairavaa has six soundtracks and the album has got three stars out of five from Other sites also gave it good rating that is two-and-half stars. goes on to term Bairavaa a fun filled album. The music release was on 20 December in Chennai.

Bairavaa first look and poster

The poster depicts the story of Bairavaa. It has Vijay in action mode. He is seen sitting on running position with a cricket bat in his hand. A well-dressed guy, Vijay looks educated and from a well-to-do family but has taken path of action and revenge. In the background, there are some people lying injured. It looks like a barren field. The sky in the backdrop is seen greenish and the twilight is also seen on the horizon. The movie name is written in capital letters on the bottom.

Why watch the movie?

It is Vijay again and Vijay has become synonym for entertainment. The strong star cast will certainly attract crowd and also the viewers will like the storyline as it is directly associated with the dreams of middle class. Good music and powerful dialogues will also work as mass entertainer. Together all these reasons won’t disappoint the audiences.

Directed – Bharathan
Produced – B. Bharathi Reddy
Written – Bharathan
Starring – Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Aparna Vinod, Jagapathi Babu, Daniel Balaji, Sija Rose, Thambi Ramaiah,
Production Company – Vijaya Productions
Distributed – Sri Green Productions
Release dates – 12 January 2017
Country – India
Language – Tamil




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