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Banjo: Ritesh is happy to be introduced as Bachchan of Banjo

Banjo as the name suggests is music centered movie of a music aficionado becoming famous after lots of hard work and struggle. The movie has Ritesh Deshmukh in lead role and Nagis Fakhri in opposite. Simply put the movie is about a banjo player seeking fame and he achieves whatever he wants but at a cost. What is that cost that he pays?

Taraat (Ritesh Deshmukh) is a banjo player but he is also a slum dweller where there is no one to recognize his talent or to appreciate his music. But he loves music from his heart and this is evident from the movie teaser where Abhishek Bachchan is seen introducing Taraat as “Banjo ki duniya ka Bachchan”. Ritesh thanked Junio Bachchan in a tweet for his compliment. Not much has been revealed about the movie as the director wants to unfold the suspense on the release.

In the movie, the start is seen in a shoulder length hairdo that most rock stars wear and also he changes his getups frequently. Similarly Nargis is also seen in different attires from a tribal girl make up to a young city woman. The movie is about a musician rising to fame from slum. It isn’t the first movie centered on music but it really is a different take.

Banjo first look & poster

Banjo has different posters for different platforms. Google is using a poster in which Ritesh is seen teaching Banjo to Nargis. He is enthusiastic about the drums and Nargis is trying to play to drums. Banjo is written over the drums and it looks like the sound produced by Nargis is Banjo.


Wikipedia has a very colorful poster in which both Ritesh and Nargis are seen dancing to the tunes. The decoration gives it the look of a party but there are no guests seen in the poster. In the background, some people are seen playing drums and a woman dancing. The name of movie features on the bottom.

In a third poster, Ritesh is shown playing a music instrument. It is also a colorful poster and it seems that it is the part of the colorful poster used by Wikipedia. The third poster also has people playing music in the background. The name of the movie is written at bottom.

Why watch the movie?

It isn’t the regular romantic or action packed movie. And nor does the movie shows grim reality of the society. It shows love for music and a way to live life to the full. This movie will certainly attract viewers as it is a different subject but the most important thing is that Ritesh is shown in a new avatar. He isn’t doing comedy in the movie.

Directed – Ravi Jadhav
Produced – Krishika Lulla
Written – Krishika Lulla
Starring – Ritesh Deshmukh, Nargis Fakhri
Music – Vishal–Shekhar
Production company – Eros International
Distributed – Eros International
Release dates – 23 September 2016
Country – India
Language – Hindi

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