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Befikre: 10 million viewers watched Ranveer and Vaani romancing in the movie

Befikre is an upcoming Hindi romantic crime drama by Yash Raj Films. The movie created hype for the exotic Paris landscape and lip-locking scenes on posters. Rishi Kapoor tweeted that the movie is “adult version” of 1989 hit movie Chandni. Befikre is produced by Aditya Chopra and the lead actors are Ranveen Singh and Vani Kapoor.

Since the film was shot in Paris, the beauty of France is also visible in the movie hence talk of the town. Also the trailer of the movie was released at an event held in Paris. City Mayor Anne Hidalgo and lead stars of the movie were amongst the guests. The film was announced in September 2015 as Chopra’s directorial comeback hence Yas Raj Films has high hopes from the movie.

Dharam (Ranveer Singh), a young Delhi boy, visits Paris for fun, adventure and also for some work. There he meets a very beautiful French born Indian girl Shyra (Vaani Kapoor). What happens next is anybody’s guess; they fall in love with each other. An adventurous love story starts that also has a touch of glamor. The love birds learn tough lessons during their journey into the world of love that knows no boundaries and follow no rules. The lesson they learn is the message of the movie.

The movie has only four songs with one “Nashe Si Chadh Gayi” sung by Arijit Singh. Average length of a song is approximately 3 minutes and total length of songs is approximately 15 minutes. Music review of the movie isn’t available as the focus is on the exotic location and the kissing scenes. Probably it is what inspired the veteran actor Rishi Kapoor to say Befikre adult version of Chandni.

Movie is rated good by audiences and critics on its release on 9th December 2016.

Befikre first look & poster


The movie is in news because of its posters that are teasing the audiences since last six months. But the poster in Wikipedia shows different colors of the movie. It has Dharam holding Shyra in his arms and they both are seems to be unaware about the crowd behind. It is Paris and poster is in pink color. The movie name is written on left side of bottom and on the right side release date Dec 9 is revealed. Apart from this, there are other posters showing Ravneer Singh and Vaani Kapoor kissing each-other.

Why watch the movie?

Yash Raj Films are known for their social messages. Befikre will also have a message for society and the audiences will certainly be interested in getting the message. Also Yash Raj Films has a large fan base that will certainly go to cinema halls to watch the movie.


• It is fourth time that Aditya Chopra is announcing his directorial venture in two decades
• Deepika Padukone was first selected for the role of Shyra
• Rani Kukherjee with her daughter Adira will be seen along with Shah Rukh Khan in the movie

Directed – Aditya Chopra
Produced – Aditya Chopra
Starring – Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor,
Production company – Yash Raj Films
Distributed – Yash Raj Films
Release dates – 9 December 2016
Country – India
Language- Hindi




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