Big Fish & Begonia Movie

Big Fish & Begonia: The myth came true in the movie

Big Fish & Begonia is inspired by a myth and not a book or real life incident and the story is so touching that it will certainly make the audience especially young generation weep. The myth was taken from Chinese classic Zhuangzi. It also integrates stories from other classics. The film is directed by Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun.

Story of the movie revolves around a dolphin who wants to help a human friend, a boy. Dolphin when grew up to her full size goes out in the open of the seas to explore the outside world especially the human. She lives in a world different from the world human live. So she sets out for journey hoping to return safely but she meets an accident and that accident changes her perception and views of the outside world.

Stuck in vortex, the dolphin loses all hopes of remaining safe. But she was helped by boy who saves the fish at the cost of his life. Dolphin’s name is Chun and she is 16 years old. She was allowed to go out because she is grown and she can take care of herself but she was advised to stay alert from human. But Chun finds that not all human are alike. The little boy saved her life by giving his life. Now Chun determines to save the child who has now turned into a small fish. His soul comes in the fish and Chun decides to protect his soul so that he can grow and one day go back to his world where human live.

The film shows sacrifice of a human for a fish and vice versa. It is a heart touching story that shows fish and human in a bond. Chun nurses the small tiny fish and protects him from the dangers of the sea world until he grows up and becomes ready to go back to his world. The bond between Chun and the boy is so touchy that audiences won’t want them to break away. It is a myth but shown beautifully like a real life incident on the reel.

The directors first produced a short animation of the same name in May 2004 and put it online to see response of the viewers. They received a huge response from the viewers and then they decided to work on the project to make it a full length movie.

Why watch the movie?

You have watched romantic movies, action films, animation and suspense thrillers but you might not have watched such a movie. It is based on a myth but it looks real as it shows the bond that exists between human and the fish. The film has a message for society.

Directed – Liang Xuan, Zhang Chun
Produced – Wang Changtian, Liang Xuan, Zhang Chun
Written – Liang Xuan, Zhang Chun
Music – Kiyoshi Yoshida
Production companies – Beijing Enlight Media
Biantian (Beijing) Media,[1] B&T Studio
Distributed – Beijing Enlight Media
Release dates – July 8, 2016
Country – China
Language – Mandarin

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