Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter


This movie has been directed exceptionably by two directorsnamely: Ding Liang and Liu Fuyuan, who made this film in a highly entertaining making it a must watch for the whole family. Thestars such as Wei Zhang and Bingjun Zhang among others were able to do good. This interesting story explains new bonds along with testing of old relationships. It also includesfearful battle for saving a mountain named: Pine Tree.

Rank: Five and half stars
Cast: Wei Zhang, Bingjun Zhang, Xiao Tan, Yutian Meng, Yaodong Sun, Xiaoyu Zhao, Yuan Xin, Danqing Wan
Director: Ding Liang and Liu Fuyuan
Genre: Animated Comedy

Boonie Bears Trailer


This film encompasses a heavy snowstorm on the great Mountain called the Pine Tree. This film involves frozen spells and mysterious creature that seem to fearfully appear that causesthe childhood memories of Bramble (One of the stars in the film) come alive. The relationship between the Bears and their counterparts/ rivals are challenged in this. The enthralling tale showcases series of fearful battlesfor saving a mountain named: Pine Tree.

Critic’s review

The film has been considered to be highly breathtaking and exciting which a whole family can enjoy together. It is a definitely going to be loved by the children due to its cartoony characters.

Cast and Director

The directors Ding Liang and Liu Fuyuan seem to portray marvelous amount of talent in their film. Their characters in the film proved to be highly entertaining to different age groups.

Why you will watch it

The extremely funny and artistic characters make the film actually watchable. And the good thing about the movie is that, it can be enjoyed very much because of the fun elements in it. The highly animated characters seem to portray real life in their roles thereby making the film quite meaningful along with amusing.

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