Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain Marvel: An Emotional Story Of Self Discovery In The 90’s Environment

Captain Marvel movie is worth the wait. It is 124 minutes dedicated to pure female fire power and entertainment. The package includes the high level of visual power expected from a blockbuster. The expectations are running high but the movie has yet to prove its worth.


Brie Larson is Carol Danvers is a member of an elite military unit Starforce. The unit belongs to the alien Kree race. She learns the most difficult lesson of her life – emotion is an enemy. Her mentor Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) teaches this difficult lesson in a simple way. But a visibly occupied isn’t listening. What is haunting Danvers is her inability to recall her past. It isn’t a memory loss but she’s once subjected to memory probe after which she lost her memory.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The story is helmed by a woman with superhero like powers
  • It is complete package of one hour of woman firepower
  • It is a movie sans romance even not a hint of it
  • The visual effects are so seamlessly integrated into the movie that they look a part of the story
  • The movie has both minimalistic fight sequences and full-blown explosion space battles

Captain Marvel First Look & Poster 

captain marvel movie review

The poster features Brie Larson in the attire of Carol Danvers and she looks battle ready. The bright light in the backdrop is actually a reflection of her firepower. And the light is displayed in two colors – blue and red – to show different facets of her power. In poster, she’s introduced as Captain Marvel.

Why watch the movie? 

It is a women centric action movie. And the entire story revolves around a woman and highlights her strengths.

Movie Trailer


  • Captain Marvel has Stan Lee in cameo appearance
  • Stan Lee has two cameo appearances in the movie
  • The name Captain Marvel was taken eight times in the history of Marvel Comics
  • It is 21st movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe



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