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Overlord Movie Review

Overlord: J. J. Abrams Compares Nazis with Zombies in This WW II Story

Overlord is an American war drama turned horror story by J. J. Abrams. The story moves at a slow pace so that the audiences get ample time to predict the next sequence but the plan is to surprise the viewers in every scene.


It is WW II and the Americans are fighting Nazis in France. A paratroop battalion of the US army is on a mission to destroy a German radio tower set atop a church in a small town outside of Normandy. Confident of their victory, the Americans set out for the attack in an airplane but the aircraft is shot down by German forces.

The American airplane crashes close to the enemy line but it saves all the paratroopers that set out to carry out the operation. As they move inside the village, they realize that they are in a bigger mess and their worst fear comes true when they find themselves surrounded by … Find More

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Boy Erased Movie Review

Boy Erased: When Faith Comes to Change the Sexuality

Boy Erasedis a drama with a message to the society. It discusses the most controversial topic of gay sex but in totality like how a family behaves when the son reveals his sexual orientation.The film supports the freedom of choice in sex.


Jared Eamons (Lucas Hedges) is like any other boy but with a different sexual desire that society doesn’t approve. His Baptist father and conservative mother disapprove his sexual desires and send him to a gay conversion center where he is subjected to physical and mental cruelty by the therapists. At the center, he’s taught Bible and asked to adhere to the normal sexual life. A distraught Jared Eamons finds it difficult to understand why society is against his choice of sex.

boy erased movie review

Highlights of the movie:

  • The story is based on memoirs of Garrard Conley
  • It reveals the darker side of gay conversion centers
  • The movie reflects the true feelings of a gay person
  • It supports the freedom of thought and choice in sex
  • The movie looks real
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