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The Legend of Tarzan Movie

Tarzon goes back to jungle

The Legend of Tarzon is the story of Tarzon after his becoming civilized and leading a decent life with his wife in London. But his association with the jungle continues as a trade emissary of the House of Commons. He is sent to Congo Free State under a secret plan he is unknown about. Tarzon is made a pawn in illegal mining activity. The corrupt Belgian Captain Leon Rom wants to take advantage of Tarzon’s knowledge and familiarity of jungle.

This adventure film is directed by David Yates and the script is written by Adam Cozad and Craig Brewer. The film features Alexander Skarsgard in the lead role. Expect plenty of action but highlight of the movie is Tarzon’s return to the jungle to save the jungle from the human civilization. The story is new as it hasn’t been told in any story book or novel. Hope viewers will like the movie but much depends on the story line and way of presentation.

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Triple 9 Movie

Triple 9: An action packed thriller of best laid plans going awry

A bank robbery goes wrong because what the boss wants is missing from the heist. The object isn’t to find gold of diamond but secret documents that could pave way for a mafia to come out from conviction. Frustrated at her boys, the mafia lady orders another robbery and second time she is more ruthless towards her team.

One member is shot dead and others are blackmailed by one or way or another. The team members make a plan to get the job done and the plan is to rope in an honest police officer. There are several stories mixing with the big story that is mafia after the secret papers. A gang member has his son in the captivity of the lady boss and another gang member is worried about his own life.

Triple 9 is an action movie starting with a daylight robbery of a downtown Atlanta bank by a team including two dirty cops. The action packed movie hides many secrets regarding the heist, lady … Find More