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Hot Pursuit

Introduction: The storyline of the- Hot pursuit is a nitwit of comedy. There are scenes that make you laughter. The best part of the movie is to hearken back at the opening. The mix of fast scenes and the mix of comedy together have made it a good watch. Most of the jokes centred on the incompetent facts that are short and perfect.

Rank: *****
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara, John Carroll Lynch
Director: Anne Fletcher
Genre: Nitwit Comedy

Hot Pursuit Trailer

Plot: The opening scenes in Hot Pursuit are so scary that it seemed to be a horror movie but gradually the director breaks the mystery into comedy mixed movie. Within 2 minutes, you can see a young girl growing faster in a father’s cop car. There are successions of cuts that lead to the learning of the police scanner codes. Then there are rudimentary scenes of the women haphazardly out of the high bathroom window just to escape their pursuers. The movie … Find More


Home Movie – The Alien has a New Face!!


When Boov, an alien race, conquer the earth, they start relocating here. However, little girl, Tip, escapes from them and manages to hide from them. This is when she meets Oh, a friendly and fun loving Boov. Together they embark on the journey to find Tip’s mother but little do they know about the invasion of Boov’s enemies- Gorg.

Rank: ***
Cast: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, J Lo, and Steve Martin
Director: Tim Johnson
Genre: Animated

Home Movie Trailer


Boov alien race comes to earth while trying to escape from their mortal enemies. After liking the planet, they settle down here and start relocating humans to a Desert planet. Tip (Rihanna) manages to avoid her capture and looks out for her lost mother when she meets Oh (Jim Parsons). But in the meantime they come to know about the invasion of Boov’s enemy race. What will happen now?

Critic’s Review

Home is a movie which is perfect for every age. Animation directors have made sure about the neatness of the film. The roles played by Rihanna and Jim Parsons … Find More