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Mukkabaaz Movie

The U/A certified Mukkabaazhas the potential to become the biggest entertainer of 2018

Mukkabaaz is a sports drama and not a biopic. It is the story of a humble boxer making a bright career with his determination. Here it is necessary to mention that in India it is only cricket that gets all the media attention and advertisements. In this situation, a humble boxer doing a good job is a big deal.

What is in the name?

It could be Boxer that suits to the story but it is the story of Uttar Pradesh or Hindi Pradesh. Also the name looks a little bit daunting as it seems that someone is going to punch you on your face. Director Anurag Kashyap wants to keep his story simple and acceptable. It is about a common man achieving great heights with little help. Also we already have a movie on boxing – Mary Kom.

What is the story?

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Padman Movie

Akshay Kumar made Padman a comedy because he didn’t want to make it look like a documentary

Padmanmovie is dedicated to Arunachalam Muruganantham, the real Pad Man of India. Born in 1962 to a family of handloom weavers, he went on to use his weaving skills to make the most cost effective sanitary pads for women. As a social entrepreneur and inventor, he went to institutions of higher learning and gave lectures on his invention.

Inspiration for the movie

Akshay Kumar has left his action hero image far behind to take up social issues like he did in Toilet Ek Prem Katha. In TEPK, he promoted toilet for women through his comic style. In Padman, he’s taking the issue of mensural hygiene for women. Women in rural India use filthy rags and papers during mensuration. It is unhygienic but they’re forced to clean their bodies with cloth and paper because they can’t afford expensive sanitary pads sold by big brands.

Arunachalam Muruganantham invented a machine that makes quality sanitary pads at a very affordable price. Akshay Kumar is playing Arunachalam … Find More