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Akshay Kumar’s Gold Movie (2018) Review

Gold gets golden promotion with seven landmarks becoming golden for moving promotion

Gold makers turn landmarks in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata golden for promotion

Continuing the trend of releasing a patriotic movie on Independence Day, Akshay Kumar is releasing the hockey saga of India on 72nd Independence Day. The Gold is a tribute to the legends of first hockey team of independent India.

The story of India winning the first gold 

India participated as an independent nation in the 14th London Olympiad in 1948. It was the first time that India was participating in an international sporting event and Indian hockey team made history in London. They went on winning matches against Austria, Argentina, Spain and then finally Britain.

Britain lost the final match of Olympics hockey to its former colony by 4-0. It was a stunning performance of a team that comprises of new players including Kishen Lal the captain and KD Singh (Babu) the vice-captain. And the credit of making a winning team with new players goes to the coach Tapan Das.


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Katrina Kaif joins Salman Khan’s Bharat

Bharat: PC has a very special reason to walk-out of the project

The last minute entry of Katrina Kaif into the Salman Khan starrer Bharat is a very pleasant surprise for their fans. And as soon as the news of Miss Kaif joining the Dabangg star for his next blockbuster Bharat came out, the camera lenses start clicking on the face of the leading lady of the movie.

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Why Priyanka Chopra exited the movie?

It is a big banner with a big star and leaving this movie could be like missing an opportunity of a lifetime but PC has to quit the team Bharat for a very-very special reason she gave to Ali Abbas Zafar, director of the movie. And surprisingly Zafar is satisfied with that reason. We can guess the reason is Nick. PC is too busy with her love life to find time for doing more movies. But there were rumors that Salman Khan is angry at PCs exit from the movie.

How Katrina Kaif got Bharat? 

Jacqueline Fernandez was the director’s choice for Bharat. It is so … Find More