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Wonder Park Movie Review

Wonder Park: paramount animation has a less than stellar track record in last three movies

Wonder Park is the children’s world or the reflection of the world the children live in their dreams. But here a 10-year old girl child named Cameron “June” Bailey is creating an amusement park where talking animals live. It is named Wonder Park because it has fantastical rides for kids and animals.


Cameron is busy making an amusement park for talking animals, she assumes that animals can talk like human, and she’s doing all kinds of good things in her Wonder Park. But the destiny has something different for her. Cameron loses her mother and with mother, she loses everything including the interest in the park. The things change again when she’s grown up. One day, Cameron discovers a real Wonderland in the woods but the Wonderland is in danger. Could Cameron the real Wonder Park?

Highlights of the movie 

  • The beautiful world of children never seen before
  • It is a very interesting light
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The Late Bloomer Movie Review

The Late Bloomer: Kevin Pollak Could Have Produced Riotous Results

The Late Bloomer is the story of a man achieving puberty at a ripe age of 30. This sudden rush of adrenaline results in the person taking intense interest in women. Surprised with changes, he’s unable to control his feeling towards opposite $ex and $exual activity.


Dr. Peter Newmans (Johnny Simmons)is a young $ex therapist but he’s yet to achieve puberty.He’s undeveloped genitalia because of a benign brain tumor. An investigation of a sports injury in the groin area leads to the discovery of brain tumor as the real culprit. Soon he’s operated upon and he starts behaving normal. His pretty neighbor Michelle (Brittany Snow) becomes his first love interest. And a series of comic events starts after he becomes a normal man.

Highlights of the movie 

  • The idea behind a man achieving puberty at 30 is rife with comic possibilities
  • Sarcastic commentary about the late achieving situation makes a comic environment
  • Johnny Simmons is a perfect choice for this role because of his baby like facial features
  • The
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