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The Beach Bum Movie Review

The Beach Bum: Matthew McConaughey Tries Poetry In The Movie

The Beach Bum is short movie on the life of a hedonist who’s married to wealth and who doesn’t care whether his wife is no more. He’s happy going about and feeling like a poet but he seldom does poetry. His days are spent with topless girls, a dolphin enthusiast and his dose of drugs.


Moondog has many distinctions – poet, outdoor enthusiast and anaddict. He’s richer than a rich person because of wife who belongs to a wealthy Florida family. But he spends his days on beaches; strolling around with beautiful beach girls and going on dolphin excursions with his friend Captain Wack who happens to be a tour guide. But the things change with time; Moondog is sent to a rehab, his wife Minnie is having an affair and the enormous wealth is held in escrow until Moondog accomplishes a job, writing a masterpiece. Would he be able to finish his masterpiece?

Highlights of the movie

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Junglee Movie Review

Junglee: Chuck Russell Relies On Six-Packs Of Vidyut Jammwal For His Bollywood Debut 

“Jungleeis a family-adventure film”

It is Vidyut Jammwal again. And this time, he’s doing stunts with Bhola, an elephant. Also, in the movie are Pooja Sawant, Asha Bhat, Makarand Deshpande, Atul Kulkarni and Akshay Oberoi.


Raj (Vidyut Jammwal), a vet, visits his father’s elephant reserve where he meets his childhood friend Bhola. But the reunion happens in the shadow of poaching. There is an international gang of poachers killing elephants for their tusks. If Raj leaves, he could lose Bhola and other pachyderms forever. He decides to stay and fight with the poachers. With Bhola, Raj gives a tough fight to the gang.

Highlights of the movie 

  • Vidyut Jammwal establishes a close bond with Bhola
  • Bollywood debut of renowned American directory Chuck Russell
  • Vidyut Jammwal practiced Animal flow style of combat for the movie
  • Vidyut Jammwal performed some stunts himself
  • The elephants in the movie are socially engaging

Junglee First Look & Poster 

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The latest poster of the movie features Vidyut Jammwal with his six-pack … Find More