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Ted 2 – Just an average sequel with repeated jokes

Ted 2 is a fantasy comedy movie from America which is a sequel to 2012 film Ted. The movie is releasing on 26th June 2015 in the U.S. It has a running time of approx 115 minutes.


Ted marries his girlfriend Tami-Lynn but the marriage is affected due to regular fight between the couple. For maintaining the relationship, they plan to have a baby. The movie shows how Ted who is unable to conceive child due to lack of reproductive organs seeks the help of John. The movie also shows the life of John who has divorced his wife due to issues in the relationship.

Critic’s Review:

The movie has generally received mixed reviews from the critics. It has received 44 % rating aggregate on the website Rotten Tomatoes. Also, on Metacritic website, the film has scored 49 out of 100.

Cast and Direction:

The direction is average and movie is funny in parts. The jokes are similar to … Find More


Inside Out- Charming and creative movie with a heart!


Inside Out is a 3D computer animated film which released on 19th June 19, 2015 in India and the U.S.. The movie has a running time of 94 minutes.



Following actors have given voice to the animated characters

• Amy Pohler has given voice to character of Joy
• Phyllis Smith as Sadness
• Bill Hader as Fear
• Lewis Black as Anger
• Mindy Kaling as Disgust
• Kaitlyn Dias as Riley



Pete Docter



Animation, Comedy, Drama



Inside Out Movie Trailer


Riley is a 11 year old Midwestern girl who loves Hockey. Her life is changed when her father gets a job in San Francisco and she has to shift there with the family. Her different emotions including joy, anger, disgust, fear and sadness (represented in personified form) guide her during this major change of her life.

Critic’s Review:

The movie has received acclaim from every film critic. Also, it is one of the few films that has received 100% aggregate on Rotten Tomatoes website.

Cast and Direction:

This … Find More