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Broken Horses Movie

Broken Horses is the directorial debut of the veteran Bollywood film, V.B.Chopra maker in Hollywood. This movie is an American-mystery-thriller film of two parentless brothers. Photography and shooting began somewhere around 29th October 2012 and had hit the theatres on 10th April 2015.


Broken Horses is entirely a Hollywood film along with its cast. Only Indian touch is the director himself. Strictly on the Western culture, the film is all about the lives of two parentless brothers. Buddy is the name of the older boy and he has witnessed the killing of his father. The incident left Buddy emotionally vulnerable and slowly he got close to gangster, Julius Hench. He in turn made Buddy is main assassin. On the other hand, younger brother, Jacob, is a sober violinist and is trying his luck for a New York event. Jacob plans to marry his girlfriend and thus, returns home to receive a wedding gift from his brother. It is then the story starts unveiling some deep secrets, unhealed wounds, and mysteries.

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Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter


This movie has been directed exceptionably by two directorsnamely: Ding Liang and Liu Fuyuan, who made this film in a highly entertaining making it a must watch for the whole family. Thestars such as Wei Zhang and Bingjun Zhang among others were able to do good. This interesting story explains new bonds along with testing of old relationships. It also includesfearful battle for saving a mountain named: Pine Tree.

Rank: Five and half stars
Cast: Wei Zhang, Bingjun Zhang, Xiao Tan, Yutian Meng, Yaodong Sun, Xiaoyu Zhao, Yuan Xin, Danqing Wan
Director: Ding Liang and Liu Fuyuan
Genre: Animated Comedy

Boonie Bears Trailer


This film encompasses a heavy snowstorm on the great Mountain called the Pine Tree. This film involves frozen spells and mysterious creature that seem to fearfully appear that causesthe childhood memories of Bramble (One of the stars in the film) come alive. The relationship between the Bears and their counterparts/ rivals are challenged in this. The enthralling tale showcases series of fearful battlesfor saving a mountain named: Pine Tree.

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