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4 international recognized female characters from Bollywood movies

From dancing girls to lead actresses, female characters always have a say in Bollywood movies. They impact stories in many ways but today they’re making Bollywood news for leading the stories to success to international level.

Here’s best of best female centric movies to win global recognition

1. Dangal (2016)

dangal movie

The real story of Phogat sisters becoming India’s first world-class female wrestlers received AACTA Awards (2017), Douban Film Awards (2017) and Berlin International Film Awards (2018). Produced by Aamir Khan, it starts Aamir Khan as Mahavir Singh Phogat and Fatima Sana Shaikh and Zaira Wasim as young Phogat sisters.

2. Parched (2015)

Parched Movie

A heart touching story from parched lands of Rajasthan, the movie has four female characters displaying the agony women in rural Rajasthan has to face due to social traditions. It won the Best Screenplay award in 10th Asia Pacific Screen Awards in (2016).The movie has a widow Rani played by Tannishtha Chatterjee living with her aging mother-in-law and a recluse teenage son who she marries off due after … Find More


12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers

12 Strong: See how US troops fought with ruthless Taliban in Afghanistan

Post 9/11 attack, USA sent a military team in Afghanistan to fight with Taliban. Whether it’s a real story or fiction is yet to be ascertained as it has been sixteen years that America foot its feet in war-torn region of Afghanistan but it is true that US forces fought with Taliban to restore law and order in Afghanistan.

Plot of the movie

Story is based on a book Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton. This 2009 book was centered on US Special Forces troops the first squadto travel to Afghanistan after 9/11 attack. The story is like a real life incident of how US forces conquered Taliban.The movie has a scene where Captain Mitch Nelson the commander of the team comes to know that they would have to fight on horseback and that they won’t get the best horses.

Inclusion of Abdul Rashid Dostum

The story gets a political angle with the inclusion of Abdul Rashid Dostum. A small troop can’t take on Taliban that is a bigger … Find More