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Union Leader (film)

Union Leader paints a different picture of Vibrant Gujarat

Union Leaderis the first film venture of chemical engineer turned director Sanjay Patel. The movie is about the plight of factory workers that are forced to inhale poisonous fumes while discharging their responsibilities in chemical factories in India.

Kamdar Union changed to Union Leader

It is the story of an average factory worker Jay Vohil (Rahul Bhat) becoming a leader of the workers.It is vibrant Gujarat where the factory is located and where the workers spit blood due to exposure to a deadly chemical chromium sulphate.Jay is himself living in poverty but wants to give his family that includes wife and son a better life.

Jay searches for better work opportunities and finds that all the roads to success are closed by the corrupt system. A determined Jay decides to fight for the society instead for his family and in this way becomes a leader of his factor. But there are many obstacles to overcome before he can bring any positive … Find More


Humor Me Movie

Humor Me: A young father goes to retirement home to live with his aging father

Humor Me has a message that is humor can help relieve the setbacks life has to offer. But it isn’t a comedy movie. There are two stories that run parallel. First is a young couple and second is of old people in a retirement home. And a senior writer-director Sam Hoffman needs no lessons to learn how to connect both the stories.

Story of Nate Kroll

Nate Kroll is the main cast of the story. He’s an award winning playwright but seen struggling with his plays. His wife Nirit Gerb-Kroll is quite unhappy with his career and one day decides to leave his home for a better future. She takes their son Gabe Kroll along to France to live with a billionaire.The wifeless and jobless Nate has no option to choose other than to join his aging father Bob in a retirement condo.

Story of Bob Kroll

Bob could be better described as a joking dad. He’s always joking or it would be better to … Find More