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After Movie Review

After: Jenny Gage Directs Josephine Langford Into A Toxic Relationship

The movie After would be released on April 12 but the novel on which the film is based is available to read and understand what is good in the movie. Tessa is a young and dedicated student but her dedication is disturbed in the first year of her college life.


Tessa is excited about her college life. She’s learnt many things about college and now it’s her time to enjoy this life known for its carefree attitude. But little does she know that her first year in college is going to change her view bout herself and life. She has a sweet boyfriend in high school but she gets a new friend, Hardin Scott in college. Hardin Scott looks mysterious and he’s known as brooding rebel in college. And thig guy makes Tessa doubt her personality. She starts question what she really needs from her life. The movie is all about Tessa and her turbulent relationship with Hardin Scott.

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Hellboy Movie Review

Hellboy: The Hellboy Gets A New Avatar In Neil Marshall’s Movie

Hellboy by Neil Marshall is very similar to the Hellboy by Mike Mignola. This dark fantasy superhero film draws its inspiration from a series of comics penned by Mike Mignola. The story is of an antihero becoming a good guy and saving the earth from disaster.


It is WW II. Rasputin and Nazis bring a young demon to earth but the young creature was saved by Professor Bruttenholm in a rescue operation in the war theater. The young demon gets all the love he deserves from the professor and transforms into a good guy but with a strong liking towards use of brute force. His demonic features are visible in his physical appearance, approach and attitude but he knows how to control those features. On growing up, he gets a job in Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense where he is tasked to stop an evil from wrecking hell on the earth.

Highlights of the movie 

  • An African-American actress is made Hellboy’s girlfriend
  • Instead of making a continuation,
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