Chauhar Movie

Chauhar: Will this popular folk tale make a popular movie?

Chauhar movie is an experiment with social issues ailing rural Bihar even in this time and age when the entire world is moving fast leaving all the issues behind. It is a love story or, rather, a folk tale popular in rural Bihar as Reshma-Chauharmal Ka Khela. Chauhar is known for his love and struggle for injustice at the hands of upper caste families.

Reshma is a beautiful girl belonging to an upper caste family and Chauhar belongs to a caste considered lower in the region. He is a Dalit. You can see that inequality still rules in the rural Bihar. Chauhar represents the Dalit community and he wants his community to get the status equal to the status of upper caste people. Reshma is with Chauhar despite knowing that he is a Dalit boy and that their marriage union could start a caste war in the region.

Chauharmal understands the situation and gives value to his struggle between love and social status. Chauhar turns a blind eye to Reshma and continues his struggle to get justice for his community. But Reshma’s love for Chauhar brings many twists and turns in the story. This is first time that a folk tale is picturized at a grand scale.

It is revealed that the film will show the facts not known before. The entire unit has tried its best to keep the movie close to the reality – facts were collected and included in the story. And it is first time that the Reshma-Chauharmal Ka Khela is turned into a full-length movie and no facts are missed or left for any reason.

At a time, when filmmakers are focusing on sequels or choosing topics that are totally different like Kaabil, Chauhar seems an experiment. It is a popular folk-tale but will it become a popular movie is yet to be established. Much of the success of the movie depends on its actors and direction.

Chauhar first look and poster

The poster wears a dusty look – the bottom shows an uprising where lathi wielding people are seen gathering at a barren land and the on the upper side, there are the lead actors. Chauhar is wearing a thick beard and has grown long hair; the antagonist has a pistol in his hand and the Reshma is sitting with a smile on her face on the center. Name of the movie is written on the bottom.

Why watch the movie?

It is a folk tale sung in rural Bihar and is already very popular among the Biharis. But it isn’t a regional movie. Movie buffs from wester UP and Bihar will certainly like the movie. It is a true love story hence different from what you see in Raees and Kaabil.


Directed- Singh
Produced -Dinkar Bhardwaj
Written -Roopak Sharar
Screenplay-Roopak Sharar
Story by-Roopak Sharar
Starring -Amit Kashyap, Richa Dixit, Amar Jyoti, Dinkar Bhardwaj, Vivekanand jha, Vijay Singh Pal

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