Chef Movie

Saif Ali Khan is cooking a different recipe in the movie Chef. Chef is all about good food. Saif Ali Khan is the chef in the movie and he’s an
Indian by taste. His ex-wife Padmapriya Janakiraman lives in India and he
works in New York. The movie is Hindi translation of the 2014 American
movie Chef. It is a good start by Saif Ali Khan after donning a bird like dress
in Kaalakaandi.

Chef Full Movie Story

It is making of a chef by discovering his inner self. A chef is one who serves
what he can serve the best. Also a chef is always a chef. But in the movie,
Saif Ali Khan is in the serious business of cooking and serving delicacies in a
leading New York hotel. He’s a three-star Michelin chef Roshan Kalra in the
movie. Everything seems to be going well when suddenly things start
changing against the chef. Raj punches an esteemed guest of the restaurant
and is fired because of misbehavior. Raj is an Indian and Indians don’t
compromise with their dignity. Though fired, Raj has no regrets for his act.
Roshan flies back to India to spend some quality time with his son and ex-
wife Radha Menon (Padmapriya Janakiraman). Since Roshan is free from
job, he extends his stay with his ex-wife. Radha comes to know that Roshan
has lost his job and also aim of his life. She suggests Roshan starts his own
food truck. The food comes to business again. Roshan gets real help from
Biju (Milind Soman), a friend of Radha. Biju has a rundown double-decker
minibus that can be converted into a food truck. Increase number of chef
movie rating say people loves this.

Chef Saif Ali Khan

Inspired by the American film of the same name, Chef stars Saif Ali Khan
who seems to be experimenting with different roles. The story of the full movie
looks simple but it has good food at the heart and food can attract
audiences. Saif has nothing special to do in the movie but he wants to don
the attire of a chef. Audiences know that Saif has nothing special to do but
Saif’s presence makes the movie special.

Chef Full Movie Official Trailer

Chef First Look & Poster
The poster is a picture of a food truck. The chef of the truck Saif Ali Khan is
peeping outside the truck from an opening. His ex-wife is also seen with
him. There is a comic touch to the poster. Both are dressed like chefs and
also they have moustaches like Chinese people. Cooking utensils and
essentials are clearly visible behind the chefs.

Why watch the movie?
It is the remake of the 2004 American movie Chef and also it has the great
actor Saif Ali Khan. It is a simple story but interesting. Also it has food
business that everyone likes.
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