Chennai2Singapore Movie

A musical journey from Chennai 2 Singapore

Chennai2Singaporeis a romantic comedy movie in Tamil. It is the story of a struggling filmmaker and realization of his dream after many twists and turns. He runs from India to Singapore in search of an investor who trusts his skills and invests in his upcoming movie. Finally he has a breakthrough but this success doesn’t last long due to his bad luck.

Harish is a budding filmmaker. He’s looking for a financer for his upcoming film that he thinks is a hit movie. Everything related to the movie is complete except finance. He travels to Singapore meeting people and discussing his plot with potential financers. His struggle for finance turns violent due to a wrong sequence of events. He also meets his love while looking for an investor.

Music release

Its music launch was surprising as the songs were released on a music drive from Chennai to Singapore. The idea was mooted by music director M. Ghibran and accepted by the producers. It was suggested that the unit will travel by road and release songs one-by-one at different places. The idea worked and the movie came to limelight.

According to Ghibran, he got the inspiration for audio drive from Kamal Haasan. The veteran actor used an app to release audio. Ghibran also wanted to do something different and for this reason he decided to launch the audio on a drive.

Abbas Akbar movie

A Singaporean, Abbas Akbar is an Indian first. He’s an actor, screenwriter and also a filmmaker but he most works on Tamil movies. Chennai 2 Singapore is first venture of a big movie after making a short film Certain Chapters that has been screened at many international film festivals.

Music is at the helm of the movie

It is surprising to know that close to an hour is dedicated to songs. Chennai 2 Singapore has 14 songs and the average length of a track is 4 minutes. Ghibran was ecstatic during music launch of the movie and he’s certain that the audience will like the tracks. Considering the number of songs and the unique way of music launch,it would be better to call the movie a musical comedy.

Chennai 2 Singapore First Look & Poster

Surprisingly music that is the center of the movie is missing from the poster. There is a scooter with a rider and Harish standing on the rider seat. He looks confused while his girlfriend, who’s sitting on the drive seat of the scooter, looks angry due to Harish’s attitude. There is one more character sitting before the vehicle. The poster looks attractive with colorful background

Why watch the movie?

Music is the biggest attraction of the movie. Audience would love musical comedy made by Abbas Akbar.

Directed – Abbas Akbar
Produced – Media Development Authority, Singapore
Starring Gokul Anand
Rajesh Balachandiran
Anju Kurian
Shiva Keshav
Emcee Jesz
Music – Ghibran
Cinematography Karthick Nallamuthu
Edited – Praveen K. L.
Comicbook Films India Private Ltd
Release date
24 November 2017
Country India, Singapore
Language Tamil

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