Corsica To Czechia: 7 Breathtaking Locations Of Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movies are known for many things including location. And some movies are remembered solely for their locations. Also, directors try capturing attention of the viewers by taking them to different locations.

Here’re 7 most beautiful locations of Bollywood

1. Corsica – Tamasha

Ranveer Kapoor and Deepika Padukone took the audience to a mountainous Mediterranean island called Corsica and known for its stylish coastal towns and dense forests. And the movie tries to capture every essence of the island community.

2. Iceland – Dilwale

This Northern Island nation witnessed a surge in Indian traffic post release of the movie. Dilwale starring SRK and Kajol was a hit movie shot in Iceland defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes and massive glaciers.

3. Czech Republic – Rockstar

In Rockstar, audience viewed the real Czech Republic as the movie was shot for 31 days hence viewers have more Czechia to see. It is a landlocked country in central Europe with plenty of deciduous forests, rolling hills and ancient edifices.

4. Bulgaria – Shivaay

The beautiful snow-clad mountains seen in the movie belong to the Balkan mountain range near Bansko in Bulgaria. The country has Black Sea coastline but the movie was largely shot in its mountainous interior.

5. Belgium – PK

This beauty of this movie is the backdrop scenery of Belgium marked by medieval towns and Renaissance architecture. Bruges that was the attraction of movie is known for its palaces and canals.

6. Poland – Fanaa

The movie captures the real essence of Poland in Central Europe. It has everything from Tatra mountains to the traditional mountaineer houses. The movie got many accolades for its location and settings.

7. Russia – Lucky: No Time for Love

This Salman Khan movie was short entirely in Russia. Based on the Civil War and Russian struggle, it has all the attractions including picturesque St. Petersburg Park, The Hermitage Museum and St. Petersburg Church.

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