Crawl: How Scary A Category 5 Hurricane Could Be?

Crawl portrays the view of a devastating hurricane that brings with it a bigger danger than a submerged city. A pack of gigantic alligators enters the city in the hunt of prey. A family stuck in the submerged city fights back to safety.


A Florida town gets a Category 5 hurricane warning. The residents are asked to escape to safe places but Haley Keller (Kaya Scodelario) has to defy the orders to go in search of her lost father Dave (Barry Pepper). She finds Dave in the crawlspace basement of their family home but the rising water level make it difficult for the father-daughter duo to escape. Also, there are predators in the water. Would Haley Keller be able to evacuate and aging Dave to safety?

Highlights of the movie

  • Portrayal of a true alligator event from Hurricane Florence
  • Water with its predators encroached upon a vibrant city
  • Bloody creature violence with strong bloody injury
  • Slow build-up of tension and terse language
  • Prolong consistent horror of man-eating gators

Crawl First Look & Poster

The Wikipedia poster of Crawl is a handmade design featuring an inundated city with overcast sky. Strong wind and lightening effect are also seen in the poster. Also, there is half submerged red car but the prime attraction is a danger board with picture of a gator and one live alligator lurking just under the board.

Why watch the movie?

It doesn’t have a blockbuster budget but it would attract horror fans with its story, picturization, violence and all.


Seems no trivia available for the movie

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