Do You Believe? – The Hollywood DramaWith A Depth

Rank: ***
Cast: Ted McGinley, Andrea Logan White, Mira Sorvino, AlexaPenaVega, Sean Astin, Lee Majors, Brian Bosworth
Directed: Jonathan M. Gunn
Genre: Drama


Do you Believe? is a movie which revolves around the lives of dozens of people, a dozen souls who are moving in different ways and wanting something more from life. After they all suddenly and unexpectedly intersect they all start to discover the power of almighty Christ and still don’t believe in it yet. The makers of the God’s Not Dead have brought a new film which is set to release in Spring of 2015.

Do You Believe Trailer


The busy lives of dozens of people suddenly intersected when a pastor is surprised with the visible faith of a preacher from the corner of the street, he discovers and is reminded that where there is true belief, an action is required. His response to event ignites a journey which directly or indirectly impacts everyone who come in his contact in such a way that only God could plan.

Critic’s Review

The faith-based movie by Jonathan M Gunn has brought together the brilliance of several award winning actors and actresses. The first and last parts of the movie are particularly exquisite which will keep you glued to the screen.
It is a movie which is made for every one alike, believer and non-believers as well as Christians and non-Christians.

Action and direction

Jonathan M Gunn has made a movie for moviegoers, which will be well supported by them. The actors have done a wonderful and realistic job. Everyone has understood the characters and their particular role in the entire movie.

This well-directed and well-produced movie boasts the acting of the cast with an amazing musical score.
Why Watch Do You Believe? and Final Verdict

This movie will leave everyone asking themselves do I believe?, which makes it worth a watch.

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