Escape Room Movie Review

Escape Room is Based on a Popular Group Activity

Escape Room is a psychological horror movie by director Adam Robitel. The movie has six strangers taking the challenge of solving given puzzles in a locked situation created by immersive rooms and then looking for a safe exit from the hellish situation.


Six youngsters that are strangers for each other are locked in a virtual-reality like situations from where they are expected to find a safe exit. But the first task is to solve a puzzle and each has his/her puzzle to solve. The youngsters become crazy about the game until they face the reality that is just the opposite. They are in a trap and the situation is life threatening.

Highlights of the movie:

  • Based on the popular concept of escape rooms weekend activity
  • The six strangers first compete with each other before coming together for safe exit
  • It is more a thriller than horror
  • Virtual-reality situation makes the activity more entertaining
  • The movie is rated R for its abusive language and violent content

escape room1

Escape Room first look & poster 

The poster has the face of Taylor Russell in the form of a zig-zag game. She’s some pieces missing on her forehead, cheek and jaw. Taylor Russell is playing Zoey one of the strangers in the movie.

Why watch the movie? 

Those that love psychological thrillers and those that enjoy the concept of escape rooms will certainly find the movie interesting. The movie has more science than horror.The movie will also interest suspense lovers. How the six strangers outsmart the game-maker is really a thing to see.

Movie Trailer

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