Fitoor: Picturesque scenes of immaculate Kashmir valley will leave the viewers spellbound


Fitoor is a love story plotted in Kashmir hence it has a touch of revenge but the revenge isn’t the kind of outbursts viewers are used to seeing in Kashmir centric movies. Expected to be released on V-Day, the movie will certainly attract youngsters.

Childhood friends Noor and Firdaus want to remain in friends forever but Firdaus’ mother Begum Hazrat isn’t happy with their friendship. She is afraid that the relationship could turn into a love affair and her fear proves right later in the movie. Suffering from heartbreak, Begum Hazrat develops cynicism for all male members of society and she fears that Firdaus would also suffer the same pain of heartbreak.

Storyline is simple and understandable and the unfolding of events doesn’t show any conflict between the protagonists – Noor, Firdaus and Begum Hazrat. The two remain in relationship despite Begum Hazrat’s efforts to separate the childhood friends.

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Why watch the movie?

It is a romantic movie in the beautiful valley of Kashmir that is different from the Kashmir pictured in other movies. This Kashmir is cool and calm. Life is smooth and people are enjoying their lives. There is no villain in the film as Begum Hazrat is only saving her daughter from the worst fear of a girl.


  • Aditya’s first movie with Katrina

Directed – Abhishek Kapoor
Produced – Siddharth Roy Kapur and UTV Motion Pictures
Written – Abhishek Kapoor, Supratik Sen
Starring – Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif, Tabu
Release dates – 12 February 2016
Distributed – PVR Cinemas
Release dates – 12 February 2016
Country – India
Language – Hindi

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