Fredrick 2016 Movie

Fredrick: Rajesh Butalia has a different story to tell

Fredrick is a psychological thriller movie written and directed by Rajesh Butalia. It is a good attempt to give the audiences a break from regular romantic and violent movies. This movie has a different theme and viewers can easily find examples of the movie in daily lives. But It seems that the director lost connect with the audiences get lost in the traditional business of filmmaking. In a nutshell, it is an opportunity lost.

The story starts with a suspended cop Vikram Dixit. His sister Shikha is kidnapped by a human trafficking group and Vikram and his wife set out to bring her back. Here the story seems like any other story as the plot has been used many times in earlier movies. But it is just start of the story as Vikram has a painful past of unfulfilled sexual orientation towards a boy of his age and of torn father-son relations due to uncontrolled anger of his father because of his relation with another boy.

Vikram’s father is violently opposed to his relations with that boy and the events took a dramatic turn because of Vikram’s reluctance to shun relations with that boy. It is the past and it is related to his sister’s kidnapping. There is a man named Fredrick but is remains hidden. Fredrick is suspected to be the mastermind behind the human trafficking gang and Vikram is after Fredrick. Finally Fredrick comes to light and the story gets a touching end.

It was a nice attempt to provide clean picture by Rajesh Butalia but the opportunity is wasted as the story isn’t given strength. It looks too simple and sometimes it lacks the force it needs to keep the audiences glued to their chairs. Simply put, the audiences can guess what will happen in next scene and some can even guess who Fredrick is and what he is going to do with trafficked persons.

But the movie will be able to attract viewers as it has a different story with no puzzling mysteries involved. The story is apprehensible right from the beginning and the audiences have no problem in understanding what the director wants to convey. The only weak point of the movie is presentation.

Why watch the movie?

The story has suspense, drama, emotion and action. It is like reading the thriller and it enjoys to the full. Audiences will enjoy the movie despite weak presentation. Director Rajesh Butalia is trying to highlight an issue that is still untouchable in our society. The best part of the movie is it has no relation to any other movie or story. If you want to enjoy a movie that is different in taste then Fredrick is a good choice.

Directed – Rajesh Butalia
Produced – Manish Kalaria
Starring Prashant Narayanan, Tulna, Avinash Dhyani
Production company – Evana Entertainment
Release dates – May 27, 2016 (India)
Running time – 129 minutes
Country – India
Language – Hindi

Fredrick 2016 Movie



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