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Fuddu: The movie is able to make its mark on viewers despite being the same old story

Fuddu is a romantic comedy film written by Pawan Kumar Sharma and directed by Sunil Subramani, who’s making his directorial debut with this movie. The story is about a common man who goes to Mumbai in search of dreams. But he is appalled to see his dreams shattered in the city.

The movie is special in many ways. First, it is the directorial debut of a budding director and second is the story deals with a subject that has been a popular recipe for making comedy and drama. Movie buffs have seen the story many times but this time it is treated in a very different way. Also the star cast did a superb job in making the movie special.

Shubham and Sati Kapoor are in lead roles and there is special appearance of Sunny Leone in a song. Paritosh Sand, Shalini Arora and Vikki Ahuja will be seen in supportive roles. Music for the movie is composed by Rana Majumdar and Sumeet Bellary and lyrics are by Satya Khare. The song “Tu Zaroori Nahi Tu Zaroori Hai” is a hit. The song has Sharman Joshi and Sunny Leone. Ranbir Kapoor gave his voice to the shayari part of the song.

The story starts with Mohan (Shubham) lands in Mumbai hoping a bright future but ended up living in a south Mumbai chawl with his brothers. He faces problems like queuing up for toilet and bath and also struggles with zero privacy as in the chawl, no one is alone. The only thing that happens good in his life is he gets a well-paying job and a beautiful wife. But destiny has more problems for Mohan. His wife leaves him alone blaming impotency on Mohan. He breaks down thinking that has life has come full circle and now there is nothing left.

Fuddu first look & poster

Fuddu in Hindi stands for stupid and this is the theme of the poster. Wikipedia poster shows Mohan standing dressed up but confused. His face is clowned with a big specs and movie name written on the specs. Also the movie name is written in Hindi and English on the bottom. Background is painted pink to give a magnetic effect to the poster.

In another poster, Mohan is shown standing naked and holding a flowerpot to hide his front. His wife is standing next to him and holding all his clothes. It is an outdoor scene as there are several flowerpots in the backdrop and also the city skyline is visible in the poster.

Why watch the movie?

It is a comedy movie made with a subject that has been discussed many times in the past. But the movie is able to please the viewers. Critics have also rated the movie as good.

Directed -Sunil Subramani
Produced – Pradeep Gupta, Mahima Gupta (Co-Producer), Pawan Kumar Sharma (Co-Producer)
Gandharv Sachdev (Co-Producer)
Written – Pawan Kumar Sharma
Starring- Shubham, Swati Kapoor
Music -Rana Mazumder
Release date – 14 Nov

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