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Haseena Parkar: Shraddha Kapoor becomes Dawood’s sister for the movie

Haseena Parkar was Dawood’s sister and also a godmother in Mumbai. She entered into the murky business of smuggling, extortion after death of her husband Ismail Parkar. Ismail was shot dead by Arun Gawli gang in 1991. Dawood also retaliated with killing murderers of his brother-in-law.

Haseena Parkar entered into the business after murder of her husband and soon rose to fame. She shifted to Gordon Hall Apartments in Nagpada and started running her crime syndicate from her apartment. She had interest in everything from cable business to films and from hawala racket to extortion. But her main interest was in SRA (Slum Redevelopment Authority). Builders used to approach Haseena for help in getting permission from the slum dwellers to redevelop the plots.

A shrewd gangster, Haseena Parkarmonitored and managed her crime syndicate in a hassle free manner. She managed the business with the help of her brother Dawood. At the time she died in a Mumbai hospital due to a cardiac arrest, she had already established herself as a godman in Mumbai.

Haseena Parker is a history today but she’s made live in a movie. Shraddha Kapoor is portraying Haseena in the movie. Other stars of the movie are Siddhant Kapoor, Ankur Bhatia and Rajesh Tailang. While Siddhant is made Dawood, Ankur is portraying Ibrahim Parkar, husband of Haseena. How much justice would Apoorva Lakhia would do with the subject is a thing to be seen. It is going to be an interesting movie and also a challenging role for Shraddha Kapoor. Shraddha has shot to fame from Raees, where she played against SRK.

Release date postponed

Director Apoorva Lakhia postponed release of the movie two times on the excuse that he doesn’t want a clash with SRK and Akshay. But it is a different subject and if the director hasn’t distorted the facts to add masala into the movie then he need not worrying about any clash. This movie is going to open one of the darkest chapters in the history of Mumbai underworld.

Haseena Parkar First Look & Poster

It is a black posteras the movie is all about underworld. Shraddha is seen wearing burqa but her eyes speaks a lot. She is looking confident. In another poster, Shraddha is shown without burqa. In both the posters, name of the movie is written on bottom. In the first poster with burqa, there are people in the background but in second poster there is Gulf in the backdrop.

Why watch the movie?

There are many reasons to watch the movie. First reason is Shraddha Kapoor. She did fairly well in Raees and now all eyes are on her for success of Haseena Parkar. Her co-actors are also good but in this movie, it is Shraddha that is the lead character.

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