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There is a common thing between the 2012 movie English Vinglish and 2017 movie Hindi Medium. Both the movies highlight value of English as a language of elite class in Indian society. While in English Vinglish, a decent housewife and successful home-business-woman faces flak due to her poor English, in 2017, a family feels inferiority for not being able to move to English speaking society.

Hindi Medium is the story of a typical Indian lower-middle-class family that dreams of moving to upper-middle-class for the sake of its progeny. The good thing about the movie is that the lead character is played by Irrfan Khan known for his serious acting in many movies. Saba Qamar is the actress against Irrfan. It is a light comedy but it also has a message for public. Language can’t determine intellectuality, decency and lifestyle.

The film is set in old Delhi. It is Chandani Chowk. There lives a young couple Raj (Irrfan Khan) and Mita (Saba Qamar). They are happily married but they regret for not being in the English-speaking society. They have a very sweet daughter and they decide to improve their standard for their child. They want to move to a high-society after improving their language as for them, English is the only means of transformation and symbol of growth.

Raj has good language skills but he is Hindi medium and on the contrary, Mita is convent educated hence fluent in English. Raj can’t speak in English due to his Hindi background but tries and Mita supports Raj in his efforts. But whatever they are doing to move to high-society isn’t enough to push their social stature up. They try many things go through pain and happiness in their efforts to become an English speaking couple.

The movie highlights tribulations of a typical Hindi speaking family and their hopes and aspirations from English language. While English Vinglish was a hit, fate of Hindi Medium is yet to be decided.

Hindi Medium First Look & Poster

It is a simple hand drawn poster showing transformation of a Hindi speaking family into an English speaking couple. On the left side, Irrfan is standing with a large bag on his left shoulder and one suitcase in his left hand. He looks a village boy from his attires. Saba is with Irrfan and she is also dressed like a village girl. Saba also has a bag in her right hand. On right side, there is the transformation of the couple. They have no bags and their dresses have also changed.

Why watch the movie?

It is a family movie and also a light comedy. Audiences will like the movie because it has a message for the society. Also viewers can directly connect their lives with the life of Hindi-speaking couple in the movie.

Directed – Saket Chaudhary
Produced – Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Dinesh Vijan
Starring Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar, Deepak Dobriyal
Release date – 19th May 2017



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