How Is 2019 Blockbuster War Related To Pathan TBA By YRF?

Riding high on the success of the 2019 movie War, Siddharth Anand and Yash Raj Films (YRF) have again decided to collaborate to make another blockbuster, Pathan. And they are using the same USP they used in War.

War (2019)

They film was a blockbuster because of the two popular lead actors – Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. As the name suggests, it was a war movie but with a decent and intriguing background story and breathtaking suspense that kept the viewers glued to their seats till the end. 

Pathan (TBA)

In Pathan, Siddharth Anand and YRF are pitting Shar Rukh Khan against John Abraham. While not much is known about the movie but one thing is certain that is it won’t on a war theater. It will have action but of a different kind. And the producers are confident that the formula of pitting two big actors one another would work this time too.

Why SRK and John Abraham?

Shah Rukh Khan is desperately looking for a blockbuster and his stardom is an insurance that the audiences will fill the theaters in big numbers. Also, SRK has rich experience of working with big names. On the other hand, John Abraham is doing well and he also boasts of a large fan following. 

YRF can formally announce Pathan next month over the 50th anniversary celebrations of Yash Raj Films and if everything like story and setting go well, Pathan can also go the War way and become a blockbuster in 2020.

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