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Humor Me: A young father goes to retirement home to live with his aging father

Humor Me has a message that is humor can help relieve the setbacks life has to offer. But it isn’t a comedy movie. There are two stories that run parallel. First is a young couple and second is of old people in a retirement home. And a senior writer-director Sam Hoffman needs no lessons to learn how to connect both the stories.

Story of Nate Kroll

Nate Kroll is the main cast of the story. He’s an award winning playwright but seen struggling with his plays. His wife Nirit Gerb-Kroll is quite unhappy with his career and one day decides to leave his home for a better future. She takes their son Gabe Kroll along to France to live with a billionaire.The wifeless and jobless Nate has no option to choose other than to join his aging father Bob in a retirement condo.

Story of Bob Kroll

Bob could be better described as a joking dad. He’s always joking or it would be better to say he’s a joke to tell to everyone. Life’s a joke for Bob and that’s why he landed in the retirement condo. Many years ago, the father-son duo separated due to a joke. Father Bob is happy to find his son in the community and tries his best to find some work for his son Nate. Finally he’s able to get his son back to work and this time the job is to direct a play for community members.

The story isn’t a joke

Bob communicates in jokes that sometimes become vulgar but having so many jokes on sex and personal life that the jokes become unacceptable. Father Bob is worried about career of his son, who’s broken by the way his family kicked him out of home. There’re moments where the entire community become sympathetic about Nate but usually the community shows little emotions towards anyone. Life and its vagaries is a joke for the community.

Is it any good?

Nate Kroll lives two lives first as a father and second as a son. He’s failed as father but he doesn’t want to fail as a son. The film has humor but it looks serious from inside. There’s a father who’s lost his son and also there’s a father worried about his son.

Humor Me First Look & Poster

The poster has the father son duo sitting and sharing jokes. The father is looking in a good mood but the son is little bit tensed due to uncertainties of his life. The plain yellow background and light green dresses of the characters give the poster a comic look.

Why watch the movie?

It is a good movie for grown up kids and also for retired folks. It gives the secret of happy and healthy life that is laughter is the best medicine.


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