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Indrajith: Would Gautham Karthik deliver second success after Hara Hara Mahadevaki?

With two releases in quick succession, Gautham Karthik becomes the busiest actor this season. His first release in 2017 was in 29 September. It was Hara Hara Mahadevaki and the movie got good response from the audience. Indrajith is his next release on 24 November 2017 and he is expecting the similar response.

Movie from trailer

The central character got maximum space in the trailer. Gautham Karthik is seen doing stunning action in the scenes. It seems as if he’s busy in a rescue act but have to fightbad guys. The 70 seconds trailer gives a brief idea about story and the role Gautham Karthik is playing in the movie. This action packed movie has car chase, automatic weapon fight, mountains, dam and a treasure to be explored.

Story so far

Indrajith is on a treasure hunt in the dense forests of Kerala. He’s an assistant to a renowned professor of archaeology who’s also a risk taker and believes that there is treasure in the forests. Indrajith assists him in his job and finally gets signs of an ancient treasure site. What is beneath the earth isn’t known but everyone believes that the treasure is found and to bring it out is only a matter of time.

It is an action packed adventure story of a loving assistant professor of archaeology who loves nature and mankind. He finds treasure and vows to take it to its right place where it can be used for the benefit of humanity. But it isn’t an easy job as he has to clear many obstacles including landmines to keep the treasure safe from the hands of outlaws. It is where adventure and action begins.

Supporting cast

Indrajith is benefitted by its supporting cast that includes big names including Pratap K. Pothen, Sachin Khedekar, Sudhanshu Pandey, Ashrita Shetty and Sonarika Bhadoria. The supporting actors make the movie more adventurous and thrilling. Every cast plays a pivotal role in developing the story. Kalaprabhu, the director, has selected each cast after much deliberation.

Indrajith First Look & Poster

Angry Gautham Karthik looks quite impressive in the attire of a recluse. He’s holding fire in his hands and is staring at an enemy. The background shows that he’s in a no-man area and it is night time. His firm posture reveals his confidence he needs to take the treasure to the people.

Why watch the movie?

It has Gautham Karthik that recently gave a hit. Today he has a large followership and all his followers will go to cinema hall to see their favorite actor in action. Story of the movie and stunning scenes created using CG workshop will also bring movie buffs to cinema halls.

Directed – Kalaprabhu
Produced – Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Written – Kalaprabhu
Starring Gautham Karthik
Ashrita Shetty
Sonarika Bhadoria
Music – KP
Cinematography Rasamathi
Edited – V. T. Vijayan
S. R. Ganesh Babu
V Creations
Release date
24 November 2017[1]
Country India
Language Tamil

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