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Is Iru Mugan clash of different personalities of the same person?

Iru Mugan is a science fiction movie in Tamil. It is a story of a two faced man. The protagonist has two characters – one good and another bad. He is a secret agent of RAW and his name is Akilan. At the same time, he is a confused scientist called Love. Both the characters are different and one of the characters is accused of making fun of LGBT community.

Love is said to be a transgender but the writer denies the claim. Iru Mugan is written and directed by Anand Shankar and it starts Vikram, Nayantara and Nithya Menen. Shankar denied that his character Love is inspired by LGBT community or it has anything to do with transgender. In a media interview, Anand said that he wanted to create a character like The Joker of The Dark Knight and so he created Love. He further disclosed that both the characters are made opposite to one-another. While Akilan is shown as an enthusiastic, Love is presented as a lazy person but has a cat-like attitude.

Iru Mugan is an espionage thriller and not much is revealed by the writer and director. But there is much excitement about the characters Akilan and Love. And the transgender community also wants a clarification on the resemblance of Love to their community. The film underwent many changes right from the production stage due to the differentiation in its characters. It has five songs and music is by Harris Jayaraj. It has fight scenes but they are so filmed that they look real.

Iru Mugan first look & poster


The first poster released in media has Vikram showing the dual characters. The poster is divided into two parts showing the characters. One half represents the eccentric scientist and the other half shows the RAW agent determined to save the world. Name of the movie is printed at the bottom.

Wikipedia is using a theatrical release poster of Iru Mugan. This poster has the scientist in his laboratory. He is intimidating the viewers and his hands are smacked with some kind of radioactive material.

One more poster is released by Thameens Films. This poster is also divided into two faces. One face is of a man with beard while the other face has female characteristics. It seems that LGBT community is right in accusing the writer and director of portraying their community in bad light.

Why watch the movie?

It is a movie with a different taste and feel. Also it addresses a different class of audiences. It isn’t for conservatives who love to stick to their self-made rules. Iru Mugan movie is for those who accept everything as it is seen. But it is the dual character that will bring audiences of all age groups to the theaters.

Anand Shankar
Produced -Shibu Thameens
Written -Anand Shankar
Starring -Vikram, Nayantara, Nithya Menen
Release dates- September 8, 2016
Running time-154 minutes
Country -India
Language- Tamil

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