Ishq Click Movie

Ishq Click: Story of struggle and success never told before

Aditya is a struggling photographer from Mumbai and he is determined to make a striking career in photography. He clicks picture of a beautiful girl while vacationing in the stunning valleys of Himachal Pradesh. He finds attributes of a model in that girl and starts loving her. He feels crush for that girl and tries to befriend her.

Sophie is the girl Aditya loves and wants to befriend. After much persuasion, Aditya is successful in convincing Sophie to become his friend. He even convinces Sophie to become a model and she becomes a successful model owing to her beauty. The story takes a turn where Sophie is a successful model while Aditya is still a struggling photographer. Aditya desperate in his attempt to achieve success in photography meets a successful photographer Mr. Mehta and befriends his daughter Ira. He even marries Ira to taste success and he gets what he wants.

Aditya is now a successful photographer but his past haunts him. Sophie died of suicide and Aditya blames himself for her death. He needed Ira to achieve success and he was left with no way other than to ditch Sophie to marry Ira. Ira comes to know about his past and she decides to teach him a lesson. Story takes another turn when Ira accuses him of infidelity and drags him in court. Cornered Aditya starts getting hallucinations. It is end of his life and career but the story takes another turn.

Sophie climbs up the ladder of success with the help of Aditya but Aditya also needs help to become a successful photographer. He sees no problem in connecting with Mr. Mehta and marrying his daughter to become successful. But as an individual he did wrong to Sophie and Ira. Aditya represents the professional life and Ira represents the real life.

Ishq Click is a Bollywood romantic thriller directed by Anil Balani and produced by Ajay Jaiswal and Satish Tripathi. It isn’t based on a real life incident but looks so as the story is very close to reality. People change loyalties to achieve success but on achieving success, they recognize that success isn’t everything. In reality, they are losers. The movie is set to release on July 22 and it is expected to get a great response as it is very close to reality.

Why watch the movie?

It is romantic movie but with a different taste. It isn’t a love triangle and nor is it a revenge story. It is the story of a struggling but ambitious photographer. Aditya helps Sophie make a career in modeling and he also makes his career using his social connections. It is professional life where there is no place for emotions. The film highlights the dark side of glamor.

Directed – Anil Ballani
Produced – Ajay Jaiswal, Satish Tripathi
Written – Rajeev Yogendra Nath
Starring – Sara Loren, Adhyayan Suman, Sanskkriti Jain
Music – Ajay Jaiswal, Satish Tripathi
Edited – Hardik Singh Reen
Production Company – Algol Films
Country – India
Language – Hindi

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