[Ittefaq Movie] Got Thumping Response

Ittefaq:There are many surprises in this movie

The upcoming crime thriller Ittefaq is the remake of 1969 movie of the same name. First film was made by Chopras and the Chopras are also involved in the remake. Also they are quite excited about the movie. The film is a remake but the story is twisted to make it look fresh. But like the original, the remake also has no songs.

Remaking of Ittefaq

Baldev Raj Chopra introduced a new trend with Ittefaq in 1969. The movie was launched with no songs. It was the first movie of its time that has no songs. Today it might not be a trend but it was in the 70’s. The film got thumping response from the audiences and the critics. The remake has the same story and stars but the conclusion is changed.

Ittefaq Story:

Both the films – original and the remake – share same story but characters and their names are changed. In original, Rajesh Khanna was in lead role and in remake Sidharth Malhotra is selected for lead character. The original movie had Nanda as accused, in remake Sonakshi Sinha is playing role of Nanda but it is anticipated that she would be a victim and not accused. In original, Nanda was the accused. The most challenging role in the remake is of Akshay Khanna. He’s the police inspector investingthe murders. In original, Iftekhar Khan investigated the murders as inspector Karwe.

What trend Ittefaq remake would establish?

Ittefaq is the only remake but it has got much attention due to the success of the original movie. In 1969, Baldev Raj Chopra started the trend of movies sans songs. What trend the young Chopras associated with the movie are going to introduce isn’t known yet.

Sonakshi Sinha giving reason for watching Ittefaq

Sonakshi invited audiences to see the movie in her tweet. She tweeted that she’s made an accused but in reality she’s a victim. She asked her fans to listen to her side of story. Sidharth posted similar tweet. Akshay Khanna has maintained silence as he can’t give a clean chit to anyone without investigation.

Ittefaq First Look & Poster

Handcuffed Sidharth looks accused in the poster. He is looking down and looks submissive. The movie name is written on top with first two letters made red. The dark poster shows conviction. There is nothing in the background. Another poster shows Akshay Khanna lighting cigarette. He’s sitting on a chair in the reverse direction.

Why watch the movie?

Sonakshi has a new story to tell and also Sidharth is proving his innocence. If you want to see how Akshay manages investigation and finds the real culprit then you have to watch the movie. Like the original, it can also be a hit.


• Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Khanna are working together for first time
• The movie has no song
• The Chopras are also involved with the remake
• Shah Rukh Khan visited the set of Ittefaq to pay tribute to Yash Chopra

Hindi – इत्तेफाक
Directed- Abhay Chopra
Produced- Karan Johar
Gauri Khan
Renu Ravi Chopra
Hiroo Yash Johar
Apoorva Mehta
Written- Abhay Chopra, Shreyas Jain, Nikhil Mehrotra
Screenplay- Abhay Chopra
Based on Ittefaq
by Yash Chopra
Starring Sidharth Malhotra
Sonakshi Sinha
Akshaye Khanna


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