Jazbaa Movie

Aishwarya Rai Makes A Grand Comeback With This Exciting Thriller

Introduction: Jazbaa is a fast paced thriller inspired by a Korean movie, Seven Days, and promoted as the comeback film of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Plot: The happy world of successful criminal lawyer and single mother to Sanaaya (Sara Arjun), Anuradha Verma (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), falls apart when Sanaaya is kidnapped. The kidnappers make it clear that unless Anuradha fights the case of Miyaaz Sheikh (Chandan Roy Sanyal), she cannot see her daughter again. The only person she can confide in is her best friend Yohan played by Irrfan Khan, who is a tainted cop and a secret admirer of Anuradha. Anuradha faces a moral and social delimma as the hardened lawyer within her struggles with the helpless mother.How the two cope with the situation and does Anuradha finally get her daughter back is what forms the rest of the story.

Critic’s Review: Jazbaa received mixed reviews from the critics, though the performances of Aishwarya, Aazmi and Irrfan were largely applauded. The movie which once again highlights the nexus between the politicians and the underworld and the strong hold of the latter in everyday life was reviewed as mostly good and received an average rating of 3.0 from the critics.

Cast and Direction: Director Sanjay Gupta has once again proved his knack for creating thriller movies that are worth a watch. The lead actors, all of whom are known for their strong acting skills have not let down the audiences in any manner.

Why will you watch: There are several reasons to watch this movie including the fact that you can see Aishwarya Rai Bachcan on screen after nearly eight years? Moreover, you should watch the movie to enjoy the sheer acting genius of Irfaan Khan and Shabana Aazmi and of course to simply enjoy the thrill.

Review: 3.5 Star
Directed – Sanjay Gupta
Produced – Sanjay Gupta, Anuradha Gupta, Nittin Keni, Akash Chawla, Sachin R. Joshi, Raina Sachin R. Joshi
Screenplay – Sanjay Gupta, Robin Bhatt
Starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Irrfan Khan, Shabana Azmi
Music – Pritam, Background score: Amar Mohile
Edited – Bunty Nagi
Production Company – White Feather Films, Viiking Media & Entertaiment
Distributed – Essel Vision Productions
Release dates – 9 October 2015
Country – India

Jazbaa Movie



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