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Varun Dhawan outshines Salman Khan in some scenes of Judwaa 2 Movie.

Judwaa 2 deserves a detailed review as this movie gave industry a serious actor and also proved that remakes can repeat success. Chances are that other producers would also open their boxes to repeat success. After two decades of making Judwaa with Salman Khan, David Dhawan scripted Judwaa 2 with his son David Dhawan and hit the right chord and it is evident from the high number of Judwaa 2 movie lover.

Let’s start the discussion on Judwaa 2 Movie with its story

Story with flashback to 1997 Judwaa:

In 1997, Salman Khan became Prem/Raja of Judwaa and in 2017, Varun Dhawan replaces Salman. The Judwaa 2 has Varun Dhawan as Prem/Raja and also the parents of both the Prems/Rajas are Malhotras. In 1997, the father was a police officer but in 2017, the father is a wealthy NRI industrialist. Stories of both the movies go parallel; separated at birth and joined in the end.

Father Rajiv Malhotra (Sachin Khedekar) exposes a dreaded criminal, Charles (Zakir Hussain) and pays with a life of one of his conjoined sons Prem (Varun Dhawan). Charles kidnaps Prem but is unable to kill the boy. Assuming Prem to be dead, Rajiv relocates to London with his only son Raja (Varun Dhawan). But little does he know that Prem is alive and enjoying his life singing and dancing on Ganpati bhajans in a fisherman colony in Versova Mumbai. In London, Raja also takes lessons in music from an elite music school in Scotland.

Prem runs to London while escaping from a criminal and meets Raja and then starts comedy of errors just like Salman Khan did in Judwaa. Body reflexes of the brothers create hilarious scenes. The Mamaji of Judwaa 2 (Manoj Joshi) keeps the comedy fresh all the time. In 1997 Judwaa, there was Kader Khan and Tiku Talsania doing father and mamaji.

Jacqueline Fernandez as Alishka Bakshi and Taapsee Pannu as Samaira are female protagonists but they are mere supporting actresses as it is Varun Dhawan that gets all the limelight. But the beautiful and talented ladies did their parts fairly well. Do you remember Mala Sharma (Karisma Kapoor) and Rupa (Rambha) of 1997 Judwaa? You will also remember Sundari Batwani, Roopa’s mother. In Judwaa 2, it is Upasana Singh imitating Bindu. Also there is Nandu (Rajpal Yadav) and Inspector Kuldeep Dhillon of London Police (Pavan Malhotra) to add to the laughter.

Varun Dhawan

Varun perfectly fits into the shoes of Salman Khan, who is also doing a cameo in Judwaa 2. Whether it is dialogue delivery, body reflexes or showing six-packs, Varun Dhawan reminds audiences the Salman Khan of 1997. With Judwaa 2, Varun is set to enter into 100 crore club of Khans. He has the guts and the ability to do action, comedy and emotion. Varun’s style of comedy is different and it was evident in Badrinath Ki Dulhania. In Diwale, Varun stood firmly before SRK and in ABCD 2, Varun displayed impeccable dancing with Prabhu Deva. Now in Judwaa 2, he proved that he can fit into the shoes of any actor. Varun Dhawan is an actor of tremendous potential to do serious and challenging roles. Must watch Judwaa 2 movie to see Varun Dhawan in dual roles.

Varun Dhawan v/s Salman Khan

There could be gossips like Varun imitating Salman but the truth is that Varun Dhawan displayed impeccable skills while wearing two different hats. No doubt that he would be compared with Salman Khan but there is no comparison between the two. Salman Khan is a very senior actor and Varun Dhawan has his own style of doing action and comedy. The Judwaa was known for Salman Khan and the Judwaa 2 will be known for Varun Dhawan comedy.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Alishka Bakshi (Jacqueline Fernandez) did fairly well in the songs “Oonchi Hai Building 2.0” and “Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12” and the way she performed is marvelous. This beautiful actress is just perfect for the role of a naughty girl who likes naughty boys. Prem is her love interest and she knows how to deliver punchlines and make even simple things comic. Her role becomes even more important as she is doing what Karisma Kapoor did in Judwaa.

Taapsee Pannu

The pink girl is super talented and there is little doubt on her abilities to wear different hats. She got lot of praise even from critics for her role in Pink but in Judwaa 2, she has finished second to her co-star Jacqueline Fernandez. Apt in dialogue delivery, Tapsee is doing Rambha of Judwaa.

Jacqueline v/s Taapsee

Both the talented actresses had an opportunity to outperform each other in Judwaa 2. Taapsee has already proved her mettle in Baby, Naam Shabana and then in Pink for which she got praises even from critics. On the other hand, Jacqueline won her last award for 2014 movie Kick. But Judwaa 2 will certainly push Jacqueline above an upcoming actress. Here it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Jacqueline got more screen space and light after Varun Dhawan. It seems that David Dhawan knew the hidden actress in Jacqueline and for this reason he selected her for the challenging role of Alishka Bakshi. Also she is provided the best chartbusters of the 1997 Judwaa.

David Dhawan

It is a successful experiment. Right from the beginning, David knew that the Judwaa 2 stars will be compared with the superstars of Judwaa. Also he knew that there could be no alternative to Salman Khan and for this reason, he presented Varun Dhawan in the attires of Salman. He didn’t make any changes in the story and also played the popular tracks. Also he added a long list of stars known for doing comedy. Judwaa 2 has senior actor Anupam Kher as Bakshi, comedian Ali Asgar as Doctor and Johnny Lever as Pappu Passport.


They are silent. Not a single word even from the most vocal critic of David Dhawan’s movies. Critics have said many things about David. For instance, he’s criticized for making senseless movies and inserting fake laughter doses into the stories. But people like his movies and this is evident from the 1997 Judwaa and 2017 Judwaa 2. Cine critics can Judwaa 2 movie to do a critical appraisal

The latest box office figures are quite exciting. It is going to be the third hit for Varun Dhawan and also it is going to start a new trend of repeating the successful movies with new colors and flavors. Audiences are the greatest critics and they have rated the story with five stars.

Directed – David Dhawan
Produced – Sajid Nadiadwala
Written – Sajid-Farhad (dialogues)
Screenplay – Yunus Sejawal
Starring Varun Dhawan
Jacqueline Fernandez
Taapsee Pannu



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