Jungle Book

Jungle Book: Old story with new direction and computer generated imagery

The first thing I could say about Jungle Book is that it made10 crore in one
day. No doubt, the movie is a must watch for everyone especially children
but just saying that it is a good movie would be too simple for the movie of
the level “Jungle Book”. You know the story and also you’re aware that the
movie has computer generated imagery but you like it not because of Mowgli
and his friends or Sher Khan but because it is reminiscent of an era called

Jungle Book can be reviewed on two points – story line and cinematography.
The story line is strong and it is told in the best possible manner. There is no
disconnect in the story and viewers have no problem in understanding what
the director wants to tell. Second part is cinematography where computer
generated imagery is used and it is where the Jungle Book has an edge over
its predecessors like Avataar and Life of Pi. An excellent job done by Favreau
and his team.

The jungle sees Mowgli as a 10 year old wolf boy. His parents Akela and
Raksha are very well aware of the dangers of jungle and this shown in their
consciousness about safety of Mowgli. But drought forces them to come out
of their abode and search water. The picture starts from here – animals
show compassion towards their progeny while there are others, who’re
always in search of an opportunity to prey on others. Jungle Book is an
adventurous journey of Mowgli but he takes all the audiences along. Long
live Mowgli but never forget your jungle and friends.

Why watch the movie?
It is a must watch movie for everyone and everyone has a reason to watch
the movie. Children will love the human animal interaction, while adults will
live jungle life for the duration of the film. Greenery, panoramic views ofnature and the inhabitants of jungle create a kind of ambience that other
movies lack. It’s a story of jungle where only nature rules and the
inhabitants have to follow the rules of nature.

Jungle Book:


Jungle Book is partly based on the “The Jungle Book” of 1967 and partly on
the adventurous novel of Rudyard Kipling.
Jungle Book has a gigantopithecus as King Louie and not the orangutan of
The Jungle Book of 1967.
Actors giving voice to animals have to follow their movements instead of the
animals following movement of actors.

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  1. Ramesh Kumar says:

    Must movie the jungle book in the world .this movie is very entertainment .

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