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Kaala Movie Rajinikanth Swag & The Dark Mode

The rage encompassing Kaala, the enormous arrival of Rajinikanth, is nothing short than marvelous and the motion picture, which by all methods is the motion picture of the month, has made it to the theaters today (June 07, 2018). Kaala, coordinated by Pa Ranjith is relied upon to be something unique and the groups of onlookers expect nothing not as much as a satisfying background.

The narrative of Kaala is set against the background of the ghettos of Dharavi in Mumbai. Kaala is the King Of Dharavi, with the Tamil transients out there admiring him. Things do take a turn when a lawmaker endeavors to evacuate the ghetto for the sake of advancement. How Kaala manages this has been described in Kaala.

Rajinikanth As Kaala

It is dependably an uncommon euphoria to see the performing artist in Rajinikanth take the front seat. In Kaala, we get the chance to witness this by and by with the film offering umpteen number of minutes to exhibit his uncommon acting aptitudes. The passionate groupings in the second half are a declaration of that. In the meantime, the star in him doesn’t frustrate either with the activity groupings and mass successions. Rajinikanth swag is one among greatest attractions here also.

Rest Of The Cast
The film has a strong list of supporting cast. Huma Qureshi has made a confident debut in Tamil with the role of the ex-lover of Kaala being safe in her hand. At the same time, Eswari Rao who has played the role of Rajinikanth’s wife, is the show-stealer and her realistic performance is sure to be the talking point in the coming days. Nothing much has to be said about Nana Patekar, who is simply phenomenal and plays a befitting villain to Rajinikanth. The role will definitely rank among the best villain roles among the Rajinikanth starrers so far. Samuthirakkani is in a usual role and it seemed like the role could have been developed better.

Script & Direction
Pa Ranjith’s credentials as a writer and a director are revered and he is one such film-maker who doesn’t shy away from putting his ideologies and political views through his films. Kaala is no different with the script of the film addressing many of the issues of the downtrodden and the urban poor. He balances the ingredients of an entertainer and a socially-driven movie in a good manner. The dialogues of the film deserve special mention as they are hard-hitting and convey the movie’s message in the best possible way. As a film-maker, Pa Ranjith has given the right framework for the film to flourish on. The movie has an inherent dark mode and that stays rooted throughout the film. Above all, he deserves a huge round of applause for getting the best out his actors and Kaala is rich in performance. He has tried out some innovative elements as well, especially the way in which he has brought in Nana Patekar’s character to the screen. Similarly, the film-maker in him should be applauded for the out of the box thinking in the climax sequences.

Overall View
Kaala may not have anything special to offer as far as the storyline is considered but the treatment, the inherent messages and above all, the stunning presence of Rajinikanth make it a special watch. His presence as an actor and superstar does take the film in the right direction. The first half of the film deals with the setting up of the characters and the milieu. The story of the film evolves in the first half, establishing each & every character and most of the sequences are spot on. The romantic portions have been embedded in a fine way without hindering the viewers’ interest in the film. The memorable face-off between Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar, the rain fight scene and a couple of mass dialogues that hit the right chords do score high in the initial portions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the second half of the film is more in the predictable lines with revenge from both the sides taking the front stage. However, Pa. Ranjith and Rajinikanth do throw in some surprises which keep the focus of the viewers intact and delivering a climax, which has something innovative to offer. As mentioned above, the pace of the film might be an issue for some. Kaala scores higher than Kabali, especially in the way the film has been packaged. However, one shouldn’t expect a complete mass movie filled with punch dialogues and heavy duty action sequences.

Kaala definitely lives up to the expectations bestowed on it. The dark mode of the film and Rajinikanth’s swag form a lethal mix, which would definitely satiate the needs of the audiences.



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