Love Games Movie

Love Games is all about lust and betrayal for the lust

Love Games reveals everything about the movie and the star cast further unveils the plot. Patrlekha is in lead role and a new face is chosen opposite Patralekha. Gaurav Arora, who was a contestant in the reality show MTV Splistvilla 8, is chosen as male protagonist. It is expected as Vikram Bhatt is known for providing opportunities to newcomers.

The story is of a con couple who goes to Page 3 parties with a specific aim that is to break relationships. The con couple mixes with guests and then they start their Love Games. They insist each other to be the first one to have $ex with the other couple. This is the real game that Vikram Bhatt is playing with box office. The concept isn’t new but what Bhatt wants to show isn’t known as not much information is revealed about the film.

Love Games is scheduled to be released in April. The film has many cuss words and erotic scenes. Patralekha will be seen locking lips and giving indulging scenes. Gaurav Arora is also revealing in his role. The trailer has got more than one million hits in four days. If this is an indication then the film will be a hit.

Why watch the movie?

Love Games is a new concept. It isn’t the story of Page 3 and nor is it related to the desires of unsatisfied couples of high society people. It is a story never told before. And it is intriguing. They aren’t couple but they behave as if they’re. And their targets are other couples and they want to break relationships. Love Games isn’t a love story but it has many love stories involved in it.

Directed – Vikram Bhatt
Produced – Mukesh Bhatt
Mahesh Bhatt
Written – Vikram Bhatt
Starring – Patralekha, Gaurav Arora
Music – Sangeet Siddharth
Distributed – T-Series
Release dates – April 8, 2016
Language Hindi

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