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Maatr: Rape and revenge drama never told before

Maatr is the story of a wounded mother who’s desperate to see rapists and killers of her daughter meet their ends. It isn’t the story of a real life event but the viewers will relate the movie with many events of rapes in India. It is the story or revenge by a mother, who’s returned empty handed from the doors of courts. Finally she takes the law in her hands and delivers justice.

Raveen Tandon is playing Vidya Chauhan, the grieving mother whose only daughter is raped and murdered in the movie. It is a woman centered movie that will depicted in the best possible manner by writer Michael Pellico who’s also producer of the movie. It is directed by Ashtar Sayed.

Vidya Chauhan is totally shattered by rape and murder of her daughter Tia (Alisha Khan). Encouraged by her husband, she goes to police and files an FIR. The accused take revenge by beating up her husband and forcing him to take the complaint back. It is when Vidya takes law in her hands and goes on to deliver justice that the judiciary fails to do. The movie shows failure of Indian policing and justice system in dealing with rape cases.

The film is shot in Delhi hence it highlights the grave issues related to women safety on the busy streets of NCR. Recent a trailer of the movie was released for public viewing and it received thumping response by the viewers. This three-minute long trailer shows crux of the movie that is a mother’s revenge for her daughter.

Ravina is seen in a never-before avatar in the movie. It is a dramatic comeback for Ravina. The trailer seems moving fast and it gives highlights of the movie. The touching story has already established a mental relation with the audiences that women in general.

Maatr first look & poster

It is a black poster that shows dark0age. There is a chair and it is seat of justice and also there is a table on which the figure of justice that is a blindfolded woman holding a scale is laying broken. The justice hammer is seen on the head-side of the figure of justice. Name of the movie is written in both English and Hindi on the bottom. And on the top, a question is asked “who is the victim”. Here judiciary is the victim as it is unable to protect the citizens.

Why watch the movie?

It is a very serious movie that raises a question that is yet to find right answer from society. What should a mother do whose daughter is raped and killed? Where should she go for justice? It is a must watch movie for those who appreciate good cinema.

Directed – Ashtar Sayed
Produced – Michael Pellico
Story – Michael Pellico
CDB Musical Production
Release date
April 21, 2017

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