Machine (2017 film)

Machine: The trailer fails to take off despite Salman Khan releasing the trailer and tweeting for it

Machine is Abbas-Mustan’s romantic thriller and it is also the debt movie of Mustafa Burmawalla. Mustafa is son of Abbas in Abbas-Mustan hence the story is written to suit to Mustafa. MS Dhoni fame Kiara Advani is selected against Mustafa. Recently Salman Khan assured the young lad with his tweet that reads Mustafa Mustafa don’t worry Mustafa. It is Salman tweeting for the movie but not all is well with the movie.

All hopes of the trailer reaching a record strength are dashed with its release. It isn’t as interesting as the trailers of other movies of Abbas-Mustan were. It starts with a romantic song and introduces Mustafa is a sport car racer. The trailer has beautiful girls dancing at foreign locations but it fails to give any clue about their love story. This romantic story has man and machine and a twist.

The trailer has all the material found in Abbas-Mustan directed movies but it has failed to live up to the expectations of the viewers. The movie is scheduled to be released on 17th March but none other than Salman Khan has said a word of praise in favor of the trailer. Will this lover story will be like other musical hits of Abbas-Mustan. The duo is credited to give movies like Khiladi, Baazigar, Ajnabee, 36 China Town, Race and Race 2.

The story of the movie moves around Mustafa a racing enthusiast. He meets Kiara Advani in mysterious circumstances and falls for her. The love story has some good soundtracks. Music is by Tanishk Bagchi, Komail-Shivaan and Dr Zeus. Their love story moves on fast track but soon loses control. It has a twist and it is to be seen how movie buffs see the twist.

The Abbas-Mustan duo has given many hits to the industry but this time, Abbas is launching his son and he could make some changes in the story to favor his son. But the viewers will rate the movie like other hits of the duo.

Machine first look and poster

Abbas-Mustan released two posters of the movie. In the first poster, Kiara Advani is introduced. She’s seen standing by a red color sports car. Dressed in tight jeans and leather jacket, she looks pretty. In the second poster, the lead actors Mustafa and Kiara are introduced. Here Kiara is sitting on the lap of Mustafa who’s sitting on the front passenger seat of the red color sports car. Here the background is changed. It is a hilly area.

Why watch the movie?

First reason to watch the movie is Abbas-Mustan. Just like their previous movies, it can also become a hit. Another reason to watch the movie is the new actor with a brand name that is Abbas-Mustan.

Directed – Abbas–Mustan
Written – Sanjeev Kaul
Starring Mustafa Burmawalla
Kiara Advani
Music – Tanishk Bagchi
Dr Zeus
Cinematography Dilshad V. A.
Edited – Hussain A Burmawala
Pen Movies,
Abbas-Mustan Productions
Distributed – AD Films (Haresh Patel)
Release date
17 March 2017
Country India
Language Hindi

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