Mangal Ho Movie

Mangal Ho: Pritish Chakraborty on mission Mars with Sanjay Mishra and Annu Kapoor

Mangal Ho is a science fiction comedy movie based on the concept of Mission Mars. The subject is to send a couple to Mars for starting a civilization at the remote planet. It’s all preparation to the mission civilization on Mars and the couple selected isn’t astronauts. Comedy starts when an average person wears costume of an astronaut.

Director flying high

Director Actor Pritish Chakraborty has declared box office result of the movie and also announced that soon he’ll start sequel to the hit movie Mangal Ho. It is the first installment and second will follow soon. The Mangal Ho 2 is titled Shunya Shunya Shunya and soon after the second installment, the director would get busy with the third installment that is Mangal Ho aka 3 Somras.

An enthusiastic Pritish didn’t wait to announce the installments but he’s silent on the expected date of the sequels. But he seems determined to make the sequels. In Mangal Ho, Pritish Chakraborty is working mostly with new stars.

Let’s get a dose of laugh

Presence of versatile actor Sanjay Mishra assures that the movie has lots of laughter but the biggest attraction movie is Annu Kapoor who’s essaying the role of an eccentric scientist. Perhaps the idea of Mars civilization is the birth of the brain of this scientist. Sanjay Mishra is Udhaar De, a miser Bengali businessman. His elder brother is Sudhaar De and his son is Bhddhi De.

A couple for mission Mars is randomly selected and trained for the mission. It is difficult training but made comic by the director. Initially, the couple shows enthusiasm towards the project but as the things move they start looking for excuses to miss the flight. Alsothere are practical problems in training average people for space mission.

It’s really a different movie

The science fiction genre is a new concept in Bollywood. This concept has never been explored before but now directors will be interested in producing more science fiction movies. Pritish Chakraborty has an upper hand in this genre.

Mangal Ho First Look & Poster

The red planet and an astronaut with a spacecraft flying in the backdrop says everything about the movie. The planet is cut from above and the actor seems to be exploring the planet. And the actor seems to be Buddhi De as his name is published on the poster. Name of the movie is written on the red planet.

Why Watch Mangal Ho?

If you like comedy then Mangal Ho is for you. It is comedy of different genre and presence of Sajay Mishra and Annu Kapoor is an assurance that there’ll be lots of laughter in the movie. The different color of the story will also attract viewers.

Directed – Pritish Chakraborty
Produced – Ascent Films Pvt Ltd
Screenplay – Pritish Chakraborty
Story – Pritish Chakraborty
Starring – Pritish Chakraborty, Sanjay Mishra, Annu Kapoor, Vrajesh Hirjee, Aanushka Ramesh
Release date – To be announced
Country – India
Language – Hindi

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