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Max Steel: Logic behind a teen becoming a superhero is an alien force

Max Steel is an American science-fiction-action movie directed by Stewart Hendler and written by Christopher Yost. It is a superhero film starring Ben Winchella, Ana Villafane and Andy Gracia and others. The film is about the thrilling adventures of a teenager and an alien. The teenager is Max McGrath and the alien is Steel.

The story is taken from a cartoon series that has a Mattel action figure. A sixteen year old kid named Max McGrath join hands with a techno-organic alien Steel. They are symbiotically joined but they are one and no-one can survive without other. Together they become a force to reckon with and they can beat anyone and anything but separated they are unable to bear the pressure.

Since it is a science fiction movie, expect amazing gadgets and terrible weapons in the movie. It will have more than you have experienced in the science fiction movies of the past. Bonding a human with an alien to create a superhero is a brilliant idea as it is acceptable to all. No one is born with superpowers but some get these powers due to their unspecified reasons. But here the reason of a teen becoming a superhero is specified. He has the power of an alien and together they both become a force.

Max Steel are two persons and they have different enemies but they have to stand together to withstand the mysterious powers threatening their world. They have to accept their fate that is to remain united and also they have to fight like one while fighting with each-other’s enemies. They have strange experiences and also the enemies try to break their power but Max Steel withstood everything.

Max Steel first look & poster

The poster has it all. A tall and strong man made of steel stands at the middle of the poster. He is wearing a halo around his body. The background shows thunderstorm and the waves are seen rising high. On the back of the man, there are high-rise buildings. Name of the movie is written on top and the letter A of Max is provided a touch of suspense that shows bond of the two different personas. It is an awe inspiring poster that stands to true to its name.

Why watch the movie?

Kids love science fiction stories and so are adults as these stories have action. Max Steel has a teenager hence it will attract kids and college going students. Also it has action hence the action lovers will find the movie interesting. Finally it is the story that will bring the movie goers to theaters. It is a different story that shows how a human unites with an alien to make an invincible force.


• Director had plans to use one character from the 2013 Max Steel. It was Max’s love Sydney Gardner but she was changed to Sofia Martinez

• The movie idea is taken from a 2013 animated series reboot

• The animated series is Max Steel

• Ana was selected for the role of Sofia after screening Skyler Samuels and Skyler Day

• Ben became the first choice for Max after Noah Silver and Dylan Minnette were found unsuitable for the role

Directed – Bill O’Dowd, Julia Pistor
Starring – Ben Winchell, Ana Villafañe, Andy García, Maria Bello, Billy Slaughter
Production company – Dolphin Entertainment, Mattel Entertainment, Playground Productions
Distributed – Open Road Films
Release dates – October 14, 2016 (United States)
Country – United States
Language – English




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