Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie

The fifth instalment of the Mission Impossible series has 53-year old Tom Cruise performing some of the craziest stunts that defy sense and all laws of physics. The movie stands out as an independent flick that is connected to the series only through its basic theme of carrying out seemingly impossible tasks to save the world.

Plot: Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) leads his team consisting of Benji (Simon Pegg), William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) in the fight against The Syndicate, even as CIA director Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) gets the IMF disband. Joining them in the mission to prevent the formation of the rogue nation is Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), the disavowed British agent, whose allegiance is still a matter of doubt.

Critic’s Review: The film has received highly positive critical acclaim not only for the exceptional manner in which it has been made but also of its ability to keep the audiences engaged and thrilled till the very last moment. The move got an average rating of A+ on all major review websites.

Cast and Direction: Director Christopher McQuarrie has handled his job of directing Rouge Nation with great expertise and talent. A special mention also needs to be made of the female lead Rebecca Ferguson, who has handled her character perfectly well. Tom cruise has once again proven why he is still the best action star and the remaining star cast has also added to the action and drama as expected.

Why will you watch: Well, the biggest reason to watch Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation is simply to watch Tom Cruise risking his life time and again to ensure that justice is delivered? Other than that, you can watch the movie to enjoy the action and thrill that MI movies are known for.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie Trailer II

Rank: 4 star
Directed – Christopher McQuarrie
Produced – Tom Cruise, J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger
Story – Christopher McQuarrie, Drew Pearce
Based – Mission: Impossible by Bruce Geller
Starring – Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Sean Harris, Alec Baldwin
Music – Joe Kraemer
Release dates – July 31, 2015
Country – United States

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie Trailer



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