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Will Sri Devi be able to deliver the stunning performance she gave in Sadma?

Congratulations to Sri Devi for her 300th film. With Mom, Sri Devi will complete her third century in Bollywood. She started her journey as a child actress in 1967 and then moved on to give the Bollywood some of the best movies in 80’s. She did comedy in ChaalBaaz and also gave a stunning performance in Sadma. Now she’s giving another thriller Mom.

She isn’t a bad Mom

While the early reviews on Mom pictured Sri Devi in bad light, the critics are silenced on negative role of Sri Devi in the movie. She’s a caring mom but her daughter sees her as a villain. There is something wrong between the mom and daughter and this wrong is described in one sentence “how would you make a choice between worse and worst”. It seems that mom is trying to protect her daughter but she herself gets involved in the mess.


Mom is a story of a mother of two daughters. Arya is her elder daughter and she has different thoughts about mother-daughter relationship. She views the relations in the other way that is “daughter enters into a mother’s life and not vice versa”. Theirs is a happy family but suddenly things started going out of control from Arya’s end. Arya needs her mother’s help but she isn’t ready to understand the helplessness of her mother. Sri Devi is observing the things from start but couldn’t stop Arya. Finally, it is revealed that Arya isn’t the real daughter of Mom.

Highlights of the movie

• Pakistani actress Sajal Ali playing Arya in the movie
• Nawazuddin Siddiqui in an extended cameo
• Akshay Khanna also plays a crucial role
• Punjabi song Kooke Kawn that has already become a rage

“It will work at the box office” said a worried Sri Devi

Raveena Tandon gave a similar performance in Maatr but it crashed on the box office. But Sri Devi is confident on success of the movie. In Maatr, Raveena Tandon was alone dragging the movie but in Mom, there is an impressive star-cast.

Mom First Look & Poster

It is a handmade poster that shows a woman with two distinct personalities. The message that goes to the public is that both the mother and daughter are women but they have different personalities. The poster has Sri Devi and Sajal Khan standing back to back. The name of the movie is written in bold with the letter “O” of Mom in red color. Also there is Love written with two question marks – one each for mother and daughter.

Why watch the movie?

Considering the early reviews and interviews of Sri Devi, it seems that the movie will get huge audience at least in the opening week.


• Salman Khan unveiled the first look of the movie and projected Sri Devi as a bigger star than Khans
• Sri Devi is completing her 300th movie in her 50th year in the industry
• Sri Devi’s first film was also released on 7th July
• Debut movie of Pakistani actors Sajal Khan and Adnan Siddiqui

Directed – Ravi Udyawar
Produced – Boney Kapoor, Sunil Manchanda, Naresh Agarwal, Mukesh Talreja, Gautam Jain
Story – Ravi Udyawar, Girish Kohli, Kona Venkat Rao
Starring – Sridevi, Adnan Siddiqui, Sajal Ali, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Akshaye Khanna
Release date – 7 July 2017

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